FOREVER Clochette
FOREVER Clochette
FOREVER Clochette
FOREVER Clochette
FOREVER Clochette
FOREVER Clochette

FOREVER Clochette

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A very soft ringing as a petite reminder of joy, milestone moments, and people special to you. Many believe that the ringing of bells wards off evil spirits. As always we take the optimistic approach and our bells are meant to celebrate the luck in your life (which will naturally keep the bad away!). Our clochettes (little bells in French) are incredibly special and unique: wear them for calm, to commemorate love, and as a protection amulet.

Forever find your way home to me - forever my friend, forever finding the true North to your life. This clochette is an emblem for finding your way when lost and the certainty that you will end up in the right place. Life is full of choices, roads less traveled and bumps along the way. What is meant to be, gets a little help from the firm belief that you will find your way to happiness and home.

  • Brass dipped in 14k gold, measuring appx. 1/2" across by 7/8" tall. 

  • DOUBLE SIDED: wear with the North star face out, leading you home, or facing toward you, leading your loved ones to you. Wear either way!

  • Choose from: a 16-18" Adjustable Beaded Satellite Chain or an 18-20" Adjustable Delicate Chain.

  • Pendant bail (loop that attached the pendant to a chain) will fit a wide variety of chains.

  • Please Note: This bell is meant to be a petite reminder - the ringing is very faint and easy to wear every day. 
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