Holiday Gift Guide - Jane Winchester 2019 Edition

Show them how much you love them with one of our unique heart pieces. These are all best sellers, you just can’t go wrong with LOVE.

When you aren’t sure, you have two choices. Is she new to the brand? Then go with one of our Original coins. If she loves Jane Win already - choose a layering piece to accent her collection. If you need ANY help, please reach out and we will work with you to find the best gift CUSTOMER CARE

There is noting better than a gift that says, I know you. If she reads her horoscope daily or collects things with the letters of her name (or her family members names!), this list is for you.

If the holidays were a competition, you would get an automatic 1st place for gifting any of these pieces.

Jewelry is the best gift and always fits, a win-win for everyone.

She's worth it. These are our finest pieces, all made in 10k or 14k.

Want to gift the LATEST JW pieces to layer with your JW Original Coins? Here are some fabulous new jewels to add to her collection!

Whatever You Choose ... You Won't Be Disappointed With The JW Touch