Jane Win x Bright Black LOVE Candle

Jane Win x Bright Black LOVE Candle
Jane Win x Bright Black LOVE Candle
Jane Win x Bright Black LOVE Candle

Jane Win x Bright Black LOVE Candle


Our FIRST candle, dedicated to LOVE. The LOVE coin was the first we designed so it only makes sense that the LOVE candle is the first in what we hope to be many distinct scents for Jane Win. The LOVE coin celebrates optimism, passion and encourages everyone to have just a bit more love in their life. This candle and its notes of jasmine and rich black amber brings love to life through scent.

This candle was commissioned from Bright Black exclusively for Jane Win. Bright Black uses scent as an artistic medium and candles as a platform for sharing positive narratives about Blackness. Their vision is a world where the complexity, beauty and brilliance of Blackness is widely known, recognized, embraced and celebrated.

  • Love Notes: Jasmine & Black Amber

  • Hand Poured 100% Coconut & Soy Waxes

  • 7.5 oz

  • Candles  shipping 11. 4. 2020

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We believe in making beautiful jewelry with meaning.
We believe in making as much as we can in the USA.
We believe presents should be wrapped beautifully.
We believe in feeling good…in giving and receiving compliments.
We believe that when it comes to jewelry, more is better

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Our original collection is made up of 8 coins symbolizing abundance of positivity, strength, hope and luck. We are influenced by the nomadic coin jewelry of the 1900’s which was functional, spiritual and symbolic — it was a way to transport wealth, show prosperity and express generosity to others. We now believe that wealth is not shown in money, cars or fancy homes…but from life experiences both good and bad. Finding Love. Marriage. Losing people we have loved and finding peace as you remember their impact on your life. Divorce and finding a new confidence and freedom. Having children and every bit of joy that comes along with being surrounded by family. It is the perfect gift for yourself or for someone who needs a reminder of their milestone moment.

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