See our 9 collections with a feeling, a direction, an intent to each piece. Some are light hearted, celebrating LUCKY in all its forms. Some are serious - our PEACE coin to give you a touchstone to someone you have lost. Some are full of emotion - the JOY we feel from motherhood. There is a design for different milestones in your life.


Feeling a sense of hope. Inspiring hope in others. 2021 is a year like no other. We are recovering from an unprecedented time, and it’s time for that to change. This coin is a symbol of the optimism, and encompasses our year ahead celebrating the 4 seasons. It starts with the newness of Spring, then the happy blooms of Summer, Fall's abundance of mums and finally the snowdrops of Winter. The sun rises every day, the next season comes.


JOY is a touchstone to celebrate children and bring luck to those who want children in their lives. The design is a stylized cast of three hollyhock leaves meeting in the middle. Hollyhocks are a symbol of fertility and bring positive energy to all those who have children they love, and even more so – to those who want to have a child.

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FOREVER find your way home to me - forever my friend, forever finding the true North to your life. This coin pendant is an emblem for finding your way when lost and the certainty that you will end up in the right place. Life is full of choices, roads less traveled and bumps along the way. What is meant to be, gets a little help from the firm belief that you will find your way to happiness and home.

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There is a confidence that comes with freedom. Whether you need encouragement to take the steps to freedom, or have a newfound freedom you want to celebrate – the butterfly inspires us with her gentle movement and complete independence. You make your own choices, you are determined, you are free.


Love. Hearts. Passion. There is nothing more precious than love. This symbolic coin is meant for those both looking for love or celebrating the love you have found. 
There are so many reasons to wear love. Marriage, children, the marking of an anniversary or the recognition that you are open to more love in your life. We celebrate optimism, passion and encourage everyone to have just a bit more love in their life.


We like to think that optimism brings positivity around us, but sometimes good things just happen by chance – that’s luck! Whether you are born with it or seeking more of it, being LUCKY comes in streaks. This pendant is adorned with a lucky four-leaf clover and a lucky horseshoe. Wear it as a daily touchstone to remind you to look for the positive and more positive will come your way!

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Designed as a touchstone to remember those we have lost. Hold their memory close with this reminder of all they meant to you. A tribute to your relationship and the time spent together, this coin pendant is a token to honor how much you love them still. We wish you peace.

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Keep safe. The snake in this pendant symbolizes wisdom, power and healing. Gardiez Bien inscribed over the snake is French for 'Guard Well'. This pendant is a reminder of your own strength and positive ways you protect yourself and those you love.

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There are times in life when you celebrate your strength and there are times when you seek out resiliency to things going on around you. This pendant is a touchstone for both. Allow yourself to be proud of the strength you have, allow yourself to accept help when you are weak. Looking back, the perspective you gain from developing strength is valuable and allows you to help others in time of need.

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