About Jane Win Jewelry by Jane Winchester Paradis

Thank you for coming to Jane Win Jewelry by Jane Winchester Paradis, we are thrilled you are here. I’m Jane Winchester Paradis — the founder of Jane Win. After working in fashion design and marketing for 20 years I left my corporate job with a dream to design beautiful jewelry with meaning. A Jane Win piece is a talisman for milestone moments and a reminder to focus on all you hope to achieve in life.


Our collection is made up of 11 amulets symbolizing abundance of positivity, strength, hope and luck. I am inspired by coin jewelry of the 1900’s which was functional, spiritual and symbolic — it was a way to transport wealth, show prosperity and express generosity to others. When I started researching this gorgeous antique coin jewelry, I realized that my wealth is not shown in money, cars or fancy homes…my wealth comes from life experiences both good and bad. Finding Love. Marriage. Losing people I have loved and finding peace as I remember their impact on my life. Divorce and finding a new confidence and freedom. Having children and every bit of joy that comes along with being surrounded by family. It is the perfect gift for yourself or for someone who needs a reminder of their milestone moment. 

Starting a company at age 45 is not the path that many take. Here’s how it happened…I am an east coast girl. Born in New Hampshire, childhood in Georgia, boarding school in Massachusetts, college in Florida, many years in NYC and now settled outside Philadelphia. I had a robust career in design and fashion marketing, working for brands such as Adrienne Vittadini, Calvin Klein Cosmetics, Barneys New York and Lilly Pulitzer. I am very (very very very) happily married to Doug (who built this awesome website :) ) with 5 kids between us. 

In 2017 I went to the Women’s March in Washington DC and I realized that, while I LOVED my job at Lilly Pulitzer, I had been there 11 years and I wanted to build something. I wanted to create something from scratch, something original that connected with women…and I wanted my kids so see me do it (and help!). 

So what do we hear most about our designs? It’s crazy – and it happens all the time – people say they get stopped in the street receiving compliments on their pendants. The design is classic but original and it stands out. We are VERY proud that this is the number one take-away for customers…they always get compliments! What we hear next is about our quality.

We take great care to work with top craftsmen to cast high quality pendants that we then plate in 14k gold with ‘the best in the business’. If anything goes wrong with your pendant, we will fix it! Last but not least, customers love our attention to detail…we package each piece in a beautifully printed box, we have complimentary shipping, we are invested in delivering something special and that includes the moment you receive your pieces wrapped perfectly with cards describing the meaning behind your pendant. It truly all comes from a LOVE of what we do, and wanting to connect with those who wear the jewelry. 

Together Doug, the kids and I are building Jane Win with the following Core Values as the building blocks for the company: 

  1. We make beautiful things that embody strength and positivity. We expect our designs to be passed from generation to generation with love. 
  2. We are not afraid to be ourselves. We are happy, have fun and celebrate a little irreverence. 
  3. We are humble. We embrace individuality. We treat everyone (customers, employees and vendors) with respect. We take the time to do things right. 
  4. We run a modern, visionary business. We create and adapt innovative strategies to build a strong company that delivers a special experience to our consumer. We surpass expectations. 
  5. We share. When the company succeeds, we share in our good fortune. 

Thanks for being here and supporting our new brand. Questions? Comments? I want to hear everything. Contact me!

All my best and

xx, Janie