Jane Win Wedding Collection: Bridal Gifting Suite

Jane Win creates modern coin jewelry and charms with meaning. Each piece is meant to serve as a talisman for a milestone moment. There is no occasion more special than becoming a bride and the incredible moments that this special time brings.
Celebrate a bride’s LOVE. Thank the FOREVER friends who hold her close and will stand by her side on her happiest day. Revel in JOY with a token of gratitude for the mother of the bride or soon-to-be mother-in-law. There is a coin perfectly designed for each person who plays a role in her life and on the big day.
Perfect Bridal Gifts

Each coin is packaged thoughtfully in a pale blue pouch and wrapped in a beautiful, printed gift box. Each pouch can be monogrammed in gold with the recipient’s initials. Whether a bride chooses to gift her bridesmaids a matching coin or she chooses a specific design for each participant, there is a coin perfectly designed for each member of your party. Each pendant will arrive with a personalized card to celebrate the occasion.

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For The Bridal Party

What better way to share your memorable moment than gifting each member of your bridal party a Jane Win piece with custom card and gift wrap.

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For The Bride

Choose jewelry with meaning to help the bride commemorate her special day. Celebrate her forever with a token of your love.

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