A Note from Jane: Diary Installment 35 & Holiday Dream Closet

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A Note From Jane: Diary Installment 35

Jane in Palm Beach

OK…have you finished your shopping? I am – honestly in a state (of unwrap) as I write this diary entry (and sorry there is so much I have NUMBERED the list lol!!!): 

  1. 1. My son (stepson but I adore him) flew home from Michigan early because he has mono and strep and walked into the house looking like a ghost. We are forcing fluids, trying to get him to eat…the poor kid is really really sick. 
  2. My youngest Tiki (daughter) just got into one college (back-up) but rejected from a top pick. She is FINE but tears flow because of all the stress and I just – want to give her all the resilience I have learned over the years. 
  3. Christmas? SHOOOOT we just got our tree earlier this week and guess what. They were OUT OF TREES. We went to one little local nursery/farm and they only had 4 foot trees or 21 foot trees. We went to whole foods and they were – sold out. Like there was one sad tree there. What the actual FFFFFFFF. So we went back to the local nursery and got a baby tree. It’s cute but.   Listen I’m fine this is not going to derail me.  
  4. Yesterday was our office Christmas party and there are NO WORDS for how much I adore and respect the women (and Mr. Jane Win) that I have the honor of sitting next to everyday. I tell them that I want to work at their companies next – they are the coolest and have so much ahead of them. They are funny, smart, authentic and honestly all gorgeous (is that not pc to say they are beautiful? Inside and out!). Major cheers to this incredible team. PS: champagne at Christmas Parties is a must or just – cancel it. 
  5. I have not recovered from watching ‘and just like that’ the Sex In The City reboot. (Spoilers coming!) I don’t care about how they look or the clothes blah blah – all I care about is that someone my age could lose a spouse. As you know Mr. Jane Win is the love of my life and I can’t imagine my life without him. It was just too much for me to watch because it instantly took me to a dark place. I have to watch the rest of the series but….I’ve been pretty lost and saddened by episode one. 
  6. BRIGHT LIGHT: Travel last week was insanely awesome, First Kansas City where Emily (amazing co-pilot) and I flew to see our favorite JW supporter BLISH who hosted us for an evening at the Kansas City Country Club with a ton of our favorite customers. We have been visiting KC for years now and those ladies SHOW UP. Better yet, we traveled with the gals from La Ligne (best sweaters, known for stripes, obsessed with PJ’s and can’t stop filling my closet with their dresses). TBH the girls at LL intimidated me because they were previously Vogue editors and now they have this fabulous line. But guess what – these women are really hard working, they are fun – and they love jewelry. See everyone drippping in JW above. I was so impressed by their drive and grit – that paired with the KC crowd and my greatest support Blish and we had a killer event. We donated a nice chunk of change to the local Children’s Hospital, and I moved on to Palm Beach. OK. Again. A biiiitttt intimidated to have a trunk show at Aerin. I mean. She’s the coolest right? Best taste ever? The good news is weather in Palm Beach was heaven and sitting in her courtyard felt like a vacation. I did a quick mini photoshoot with a fabulous photographer and had the best time. So many came to shop and we sold OUT of the Palm Beach coin. When the cool manager Rachel told me Aerin was on her way I was like…eek…act normal Janie. And I did! And she was so lovely! And she LOVES HEARTS. So clearly we are friends for life.  
  7. So now….the point of this diary. SHOPPING. What’s your love language (read here if you have no idea what I am talking about). One of mine is GIFT GIVING! I love to find the perfect present for everyone on my list and – one of the reasons I started JW was to spoil people. And we have the best packaging. I love buying presents. Below is a list of what I am gifting and what I am wearing over the holidays. It’s a fun list!

It’s December 16th and you have officially have 5 days until we can’t ship jewelry to you. Time to kick it into high gear!

If you need Jane Win to save the day here is the cheat sheet: 

GIFT FOR YOURSELF? Yes we have plenty of women knabbing their own present for under the tree? SPOIL-YOUR-SELF with our Luxe Top Shelf Pieces

These weeks leading up to Christmas are crazy and FUN. I am going to enjoy the days, love having my kids around and needing us, I’m going to buy presents that mean something - I am going to spend extra time wrapping so they look pretty. I am going to sit in front of my dwarf Christmas tree and enjoy the energy of the season. I wish you SO MUCH JOY during this time. You won’t hear from me again until January 1st (we have a supriseeeeee) so I am sending you so much holiday LOVE. 

xx Janie

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