A Note from Jane: National Women's Small Business Month

A Note from Jane: National Women's Small Business Month

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A Note From Jane: Diary Installment 33 

Jane Win A Chat With

Check out the Jane Win team on CBS Philly's A Chat With here.

Did you know that October is the official National Women’s Small Business Month? Seriously, the Small Business Association said so! I know there is a day or a month or a celebration for everything and that it can feel a little silly (although I do feel like National Margarita and National Ice Cream day 2020 really got us all through some tough times lollll), but this is truly important to me. I am a woman who owns a small business that is run by all women (and Mr. Jane Win, we love you!),  and I am completely obsessed and incredibly PROUD of our girl gang. See them below - missing a few!

Jane Win CBS A Chat With

There is no better way to celebrate National Women’s Small Business month than with CBS coming to our showroom to interview the Jane Win team. Jess Kartalija from CBS Philly interviews fabulous guests from near and far for her segment, A Chat With… Most recently, she interviewed my favorite artist Peter Strid and earlier this week Dionne Warwick – major! Right at the start of our conversation, Jess asked where is my hometown and why I started Jane Win. Two BIG QUESTIONS. 

Why Philly? I talk about this all the time but there are so many places that feel like home to me. I am such an east coast nomad. Augusta, Georgia— where I was born and lived until shipped to boarding school. New Hampshire and my dad’s farm (which is part of the inspiration behind our new Clochette Bells – and where I still spend every summer with my blended Brandy-Bunch family. Of course I adore Capri, which is where I designed the Love coin, the very first Jane Win coin (read more about that here) and still find so much inspiration. And PHILLY, where I moved to work for Lilly Pulitzer and found that it was the most wonderful place to raise my daughters. I am so so Philly proud and I love that this city is such a big part of Jane Win’s story. I took my very first designs to Philadelphia’s Jeweler’s Row, the oldest in the country (it dates back to 1851!) to create the first Jane Win coins. I remember driving home on I-76 BEAMING from ear to ear, wearing the coins that I designed and that were hand casted just a few miles away. All of this made it even more special when Jess asked me, why Philly, why are you running your small business here?

Why did I start Jane Win? The second big question she asked - why I started Jane Win. I love reflecting on this question and think it is ESPECIALLY important to acknowledge as we finish up a month dedicated to women who own small businesses. In January 2017 I attended the Women’s March in Washington DC with my two daughters. My daughter’s stepmother was there. My stepdaughter was there with her mom. That was impactful. A family of women, connected by divorce, children and love – were united about one thing – the rights of women, our strength and the need to have our voices heard. It was there that I said, I have to build a company from scratch, I want my kids to see me do it, I want them to help, I want to build this company in Philly, I want to make women feel special. And we have done all. Of. That. I am so proud of the way that our company has grown, the core values that we have created and stood by (even when the world was crumbling and no one could make our coins and it really felt like it could be the end). I am most proud of the relationships we have created with all of you. We are a brand that you can count on. You know that you will get your chic, meaningful piece on time (but omg PLEASE order now for the holidays because we actually have no control over UPS once we send your package out), wrapped with care and in the most perfect packaging. You know that when you are DM’ing us about what chain to pick there is a real human person on the other side who loves helping you pick the perfect coin and chain for you, for your mom, for your BFF.

And, OUR TEAM IS GROWING. I would answer customer DMs and emails all day if I could, but Taylor has taken over and she is crushing it. We have Jocelyn manning our pick and packing, which I used to do out of the spare bedroom in our house. We are creating our 2022 strategy (hint: it’s going to be a GREAT year filled with fabulous jewelry (designed by Rachel, with me) and fun, fun marketing moments lead by our in-house energizer bunny Emily. As the founder of a small business, it feels amazing to know that we are in a place where we can run a business that we are proud of with team members and vendors that we are proud to work alongside. This feeling is why I started Jane Win.

So what’s the take away? Small businesses are fill with so much intent, so much love, and so much grit. I love the big brands but will literally swerve off the road to shop at a locally run brand. Look around you this holiday and take note of the women around you have created something, and spend your dollars with them or support them in other ways (like sharing their business with friends, like-ing their Instagram posts).

It was an honor to be interviewed by CBS Philly and a great reminder of our “why”. Check out the full interview here. In celebration of National Women’s Small Business month, I am sharing a few of my favorite female owned small businesses below. Show them some love and tag your favorite female owned small business so we can celebrate together ❤

Sending tons of love,

xx Jane

Janie's Favorite Women Owned Small Businesses










@mainlinepizza - Fave pizza in Wayne :)



 @queenmama - Check out Jocelyn, our newest team member's small business!

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