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Next week my baby is headed back to college. A few days later, her older sister heads off. In our office, we have young women that have been working so hard all summer who are headed back to school…Eva and Courtney who are like FAMILY. Eloise who has worked with us through high school and is now headed off for her freshman year of college. They are like bits of my heart that I have to release out into the world.

While I have loved every second of having them home or in the office, (and I ALSO love being an empty nester)…saying goodbye is really hard. I’m feeling a little unsteady, like I don’t trust the world with these young beautiful souls.

Last week I had the ABSOLUTE PLEASURE of going to see the Barbie movie. The best part was that I went with my two girls, Tiki on my left, Sabrina on my right – sharing popcorn, Milk Duds and Raisinettes. Any time I get them to myself I am beyond happy – but this moment was pure heaven. I could talk about the movie all day, how proud I am of Margot Robbie for spearheading such a massive project, to Greta for breaking all Barbie norms and writing an incredible story…to cute Ryan Gosling for jumping into being a part of a massive #girlgang moment. Sabrina, Tiki and I laughed and were touched by the entire movie, but it was the end that “got us”. There is a montage of mothers and daughters, of girls growing up, of friendships and weddings.  That is when all three of us were in tears, together recognizing all the joy and the acute pain that comes from the gift of being a woman. For me, the tears came because I feel SO LUCKY to be a woman. Yes, there are some things that aren’t convenient (your period!), there are things that don’t seem ‘fair’…but wow – I choose being a woman, being a mom, being a best friend ANY DAY over the alternative.

Being a mom, being a boss to young women and then letting my smart, funny, gorgeous girls GO. It hits hard, every time. I usually write them a handwritten note to open the morning they leave home. I ALWAYS give a little present 😊 and that present is almost always jewelry ♥️ I love the idea of sending them out into the world with a tiny bit of my love, of HOME, something to hold on to if they are facing a challenge. When I look at the girls’ Instagrams they are BEAMING, having so much fun with friends and their new independence. I see that necklace there – knowing that they see it every day as a little reminder of how much love and support they have behind them. They are fully supported but also have the freedom to make their own life.

Here are some of the pieces that I will be gifting my girls and the office girl gang as they head off:

Forever Collection

This is absolutely making me cry, BUT we have to do it - that’s what being a Mom IS. Signing up to raise the best girls we can and then letting them go to REPEAT that with their friends, and, eventually, families of their own. I just wish it was as easy to do as it is to type.

PS: I must keep going on about the Barbie movie, it’s wonderful. A couple take aways worth mentioning or lessons I took: Be the supporter of women. Throw out any old cliché that women compete to a fault or whatever BS. I run towards the idea of both giving women you know and women you don’t know FULL PROPS. Be beautiful, be a success, be smart, change the world. I am secure in where I stand and use that as the ground to push others forward. And, drumroll…I LOVE Alan! DO you know who is an “Alan”? MR. JANE WIN. Wow, he is not only ‘my Alan’ but he is an Alan for any woman out there making her way in the business world – he has his own girl gang that blows me away. He is always helping with website or business learnings form Jane Win. Let’s raise our boys to be Alans 😊 ok. I’ll stop ranting now, my heart hurts. Have a great rest of your week.

Tons of love and xx, Janie


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