Learn To Find Happiness in the Moments and Minutes and Days of Your Business

Posted by Jane Paradis on

Just. Happy. As we head into our 15th month of business and this crazy new adventure of JW, the one thing I have learned is...enjoy every day. It’s not about the end result, its about the moments and minutes and days ☀ At first I couldn’t have fun I was just too stressed, but now I’ve got my feet under me I’m having a really good time. Building the brand. Designing. Learning how to make beautiful things. Working with incredible people. Meeting and connecting with the coolest and most caring customers. Picking my daughter up from school! Traveling with my love. It’s a pretty awesome road we are on. Thank you for helping to make it great. PS: Its not perfect - I still freak out all the time and beat myself up. Working on that 😉 #lovejanewinchester 📷 by my favorite✨@rmcginnphoto


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