Note From Jane: Mother's Day Gift Guide

Note From Jane: Mother's Day Gift Guide

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A Note from Jane
This note from Jane is titled:
I’m sorry Mom 😅
You don’t have to buy jewelry but if you decide to, we have the prettiest things ♥️
AND most importantly, 
You can find me in bed with my favorite people. 
Truth be told, I was not an easy daughter. I think pretty early on – I just had a FIRE in me. I was rebellious. I wanted to buck the system. For family events, I was in many many cases ‘the bad apple that spoiled the bunch’. I just had attitude and privilege and HORMONES that took over. My Dad always believed in me, even when my boarding school sent him letter after letter explaining why I was impossible, had bad grades, and should consider another academic institution. I almost got kicked out of school. I wrecked cars. I lied. I had parties. I tested every limit. 

To put it mildly, my Mom and I butted heads. I didn’t give her an INCH and honestly, she kept showing up for me no matter how terrible I was. I am not sure why I am telling you all that but maybe because people say the loveliest things to me all the time - they love my Instagram videos, they love the meaning behind the jewelry. And I just want everyone to know how far from perfect I am. And that finding happiness for me has been a wobbling uphill road. The funny dichotomy is that despite tons of insecurity for the younger years of my life, somehow, I came through to being a young woman, married at 27, and having my first baby at 29 – and so completely in love with being a Mom – my attitude changed. 

I remember being in the hospital after Sabrina was born and thinking, this is the happiest day of my life. And then I remember being in the exact same room 2 years later with little Tiki thinking, my life is COMPLETE. Sabrina was an angel baby that never cried, ate, slept…she was ‘easy’. Tiki came out with her hair on fire, crying, projectile vomiting…and she would ONLY calm down when she had her pacifier, her duck stuffed animal, and ME. I think she scared her Dad and grandparents and I didn’t care, I wanted her all for myself. 

When I was divorced at 38, my girls were 7 and 9 years old. We were all ‘young’ and all of a sudden, we felt very exposed and on our own. It was absolutely terrifying for me to be honest, and I know for them it was just such a sad sad time. What came from it is a bond I can’t explain. I was always an engaged working Mom that tried to ‘do it all’. In what felt like seconds we lost our comfortable happy family of 4 and it was just the 3 of us…I came home from work and we had dinner, we went right upstairs and read books in bed. I think we spent a full year in bed…it was the safest place 😊. I got the girls all to myself and once my head cleared a bit I realized – I had won the lottery. I had my girls! To myself! A favorite picture from that time in our lives above.

With a little perspective, I can see that as my girls got older – I got better at being a Mom. More comfortable in my skin. It’s not that I wasn’t great when they were little but I felt like a kid too – not mature enough to be a Mom. Now I feel confident that we can work anything out, that I can be there for anything life throws our way. My girls know that I am willing to get down into the mud with them and sort things out. They know they can trust me. I will always be there. 

I’m not sure how such a ‘bad kid’ turned into a great Mom. And while I am sorry MY MOM had to deal with my mess, I sure am happy that it turned out this way. In my opinion (and please don’t hate on me) Mother’s Day seems to have gotten blown WAY out of proportion. Haaa I know I am supposed to be selling jewelry as a gift for mother’s day but…she doesn’t need that. I don’t at least. I just want to feel like I did a good job, the kids are happy, they love me and I love them…that security is the gift. It’s a phone call or a nice note.

So yes, here is a list of our beautiful mother’s day gifts and our Mother's Day Gift Guide that is – well every piece is just more beautiful than the next. Me? All I want is an afternoon in bed with my girls eating popcorn and watching Mama Mia. 

Happy, Happy Spring and Happy Mother’s Day to those who are celebrating.


Tons of love and xx, Janie


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