Peter Strid Collection Trunk Show: Interview with Jane

Peter Strid Collection Trunk Show: Interview with Jane

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Jane Win is thrilled to share this series of prints from Peter Strid Art offered as a collection for the first time to Jane Win lovers. Have you seen the incredible art that hangs in the Jane Win showroom?? Well Peter is behind most of it. Peter and I live blocks apart but of course it took Instagram to bring together our love of pop-art and color.

I am obsessed with Peter's work and love being surrounded by his art all day long in the Jane Win showroom. I am so excited to share this interview with Peter so you can learn more about him & his story!

Peter!! We are so excited to be featuring your work this week on the Jane Win website. Give us a little background on you. When did you start painting and when did you find your signature style?

I was born in Philadelphia, PA in 1973. I studied art at Colgate University in Upstate New York graduating with a Fine Art major from the University in 1996.  After graduating, I spent 13 years living in New York City before returning to settle in the Main Line suburbs of Philadelphia where I practice my craft from a home studio.  My style has a focus on a combination of Hyper Realism and Pop-Art. 

All of my art is hand painted primarily using oils.  My selection of subjects and medium are something that drives me in my art creation. Finding that surprising combination, applying my techniques, creating an unmistakable look and delighting my audience is what drives me to push the envelope on my work.

PRINTS! Obviously we adore your original paintings and having them in these elegant prints is such a cool way for people to collect your art in an affordable way. Tell us about the printing process and why prints are a fun medium for you.

The Prints are an incredible way to share my creations to more people. 

The prints are Giclée Fine Art Reproductions using the most advanced scanning technology, color correction tools and techniques, printers, ink sets, and substraits.

Giclée Printing is the process of creating a reproduction print of an original piece of artwork from a digital file to a substrait using ink jet printers. The beauty of using this process is the ability to run 1 print at a time instead of hundreds. 

Each print is on acid free 100% cotton rag watercolor paper exceeding the highest quality standards required for leading Giclée print makers. You will not find a better print in the industry.

I want more art all the time – whether it’s finding small artists on Instagram or visiting the Barnes to ogle the Renoir’s. What other artists do you love from afar or collect?

A collection of my Favorite Artists:

Tony South = @Tony.South 

Christopher Guest = @Chrisguestartist

Jimmy Law = @Jimmylaw_101

Paolo Costa = @Costa_Mainline

Where can people find your paintings?

My artwork can be found at:

Instagram: @PeterStridArt

I'll also be making an announcement soon about being selected at an award winning Gallery in The Hamptons.

Hanging @VanessaFoxDresses

Hanging @Janewin_jewelry

Hanging @shopLavienow 

THE BOTTLES! Obviously, it was the Veuve that made me notice your artwork first lol. What is your signature drink?

My signature Drink : Casamigos, Soda, and Lime.  It's like oxygen to me. LOL.


Thank you so much Peter! Check out the Jane Win x Peter Strid Trunk Show here.

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