You Never Forget Your FIRST: the first fine jewelry piece I ever designed

WE JOKINGLY CALL IT MY HEADLIGHT. I was very lucky to receive a lot of jewelry as a teen and young adult. My Dad, my grandparents – everyone – was really into jewelry as gifts. Tiffany was a favorite in our house and if you were lucky there was a ‘little blue box’ under the […]


I am overwhelmed. I have been at Lilly Pulitzer for over 11 years and loved (almost) every second of it. It is surreal to leave a place you have been a quarter of your life, a place that has become home, with co-workers who feel like family. I have an enormous amount of warmth, love […]

Where does my jewelry obsession come from? THE BLUE RING

Despite a short stint wanting diamonds and sparkle while in college, my mature jewelers taste is more about gold than clear sparkly cut stones. Cabochon and opaque stones are another story. Growing up, my Mom wore a cabochon lapis lazuli ring every day. The bold blue with the streak of gold running through it was […]

OMG I RESIGNED FROM LILLY PULITZER the “dream job” of all dream jobs

Yesterday I resigned from a company where I have worked for the last 12 years and currently hold the position of Senior Vice President of Marketing and Creative Communications. For most, this means I have lost my mind. For me, it’s liberating but also (very very very) scary. I am ‘giving up’ the financial security […]