Share Your Story

Thank you for sharing your story with us! As you may know, Jane Win has a collection of coins called ‘Share The Love’. Giving back is a part of our core values, and this collection spotlights charities that we support, with a percentage of sales donated to the charity. This October through the end of the year, we are reissuing a stunning coin to benefit the Breast Cancer Alliance. You can learn more about them HERE. Because we are a brand built on connections, we thought the best way to talk about this coin, the best way toshare the love, would be through telling your story. Please complete the below info and tell us how you have been affected by breast cancer. We do not know how many stories we will receive, but we hope to share them via email and social media to help raise awareness and support for the sale of this coin, in turn donating to BCA. THANK YOU. The connections, the genuine love that we have for our customers and all of your well-being is paramount to us.

Click ▶️ to Hear from Janie about our Breast Cancer Alliance Story Request