When you start a brand people say…be true to yourself. That’s easier said than done. You get tempted by trends – should Jane Winchester make headbands?!?!? You get temped by time-saving short cuts. You get temped by LOL buying Instagram followers - we don’t do that but it’s tempting!  So read this and then shop for some LOVE ❤.

An example of where it’s REALLY EASY to be true to who we are? Valentine’s Day. FAVORITE HOLIDAY – like ever ever ever. Valentine’s always brought me pure joy. As a kid I adored transforming a tretorn shoe box into a pink paper, heart and glue mailbox for my desk. I loved picking the perfect set of valentine’s day cards (usually snoopy) and wrote notes to all the kids in my class. When they started adding candy to the sets – life made.

Scene: 6th grade at the Episcopal Day School in August, GA. Charles (shit I can’t remember his last name it will come to me) asked me to ‘go with him’…aka be his girlfriend. It was one of the greatest days ever. Things didn’t work out with Charles but the damage was done – Valentine’s Day OBSESSED.

While some say it’s a “hallmark holiday” I don’t care! Valentine’s Day is all about love – and who doesn’t want a bit more love. So embrace the candy. Embrace the pink. Embrace the HEARTS.

Love doesn’t have to mean romantic. More love for yourself. More love for your girlfriend. Love for your kids. Just LOVE all day. If you have heard of the ‘love languages’ quiz, we are HIGH on showing our love through presents. Here is our list of all the goodies you can get yourself or someone you love.
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What to wear that day? Here are our picks of the best Valentine’s Day outfits.

Ordered the second we saw this dress…the perfect date night show stopper from emerging designer AMUR. Thank you Moda Operandi we seriously worship your edit.

February is freezing. Stay warm in red with our favorite stripe-lovers La Ligne.

Black and white hearts, a subtle way to show the love.

Wear alone or layer with a blazer, this delicate top is completely Valentine’s Day approved.

Lounging with your BFF eating chocolate? Addison Bay has the perfect sweats for that.

Thank god leopard is trending, perfect for Feb-14th

The new statement sneaker. Saint Laurent 

What to wear to bed that day – wink wink…the best Valentine’s Day lingerie.

Something pretty from Only Hearts

Nothing beats a simple black slip and we are a little obsessed with everything from Reformation right now.

Look really cute at breakfast on the 15th!

What the hell do you get your man? The best Valentine’s Day gifts for your guy.

OBSESSED with heart boxers. Check @dougpara any day of the week and there is a 99% chance he has hearts on his skivvies.

TRUST US on this, call your local pizza spot and order a heart shaped pizza. Give them enough time and they will do it! 

Possessive? Love these leather keychains. I got my husband one that says TAKEN 😉.

The reason we get up in the morning…the best Valentine’s Day JEWELRY!

Hearts galore at Lizzie Fortunato and a jewelry design team we really admire!

Sometimes, tiny is good. In this case…its perfect.

OF COURSE we have hearts. Our new FULL HEART pendant is an instant statement.

The classic…Original Coin Love Pendant. Buy this for yourself. Buy this for someone you treasure…it will be a constant reminder of love.

And in the why not category, the best “Stuff with hearts on it “.

Anya knows novelty and we LOVE that she’s embracing hearts.

Purchase Immediately. Artist Donald Robertson is a FAV whose hearts and lips and pop-art will make you happy every day.

REPEAT. Buy immediately. Who doesn’t need $400 heart sunglasses? Your Instagram needs these.