A Note from Jane: New Cooper Connor Coin, Mother's Day Fun, & Peter Strid Art

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Diary Installment 29:  An optimistic person, a small business, and a mom.  This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time. 

I have been feeling so happy lately. I have been vaccinated, and Mr. Jane Win and I are going to restaurants and enjoying more of a ‘normal’ life. I hate masks but honestly if wearing one in public spaces helps – I am in. I traveled to Dallas last week for a trunk show at Veronica Beard (WANT EVERYTHING) and it was awesome. SO many incredible women shopping for a cause. We launched our new ‘share the love’ coin for The Cooper Connor Endowment Fund, which raises money for pulmonary research. Check it out here.

Mother’s Day was wonderful. I spent most of the day with my daughter Tiki and she gave me THE BEST PRESENT EVER – a visit to a local rescue farm and an afternoon of feeding baby goats and cuddling baby cows. That is a thing!

We shipped a million goodies out for Mother’s Day gifts and I was taken back by the thoughtful notes we were writing for people who could not be with their mom’s. It is EXACTLY why we started Jane Win – to make people feel special. I am so honored that people gifted the most important people in their lives our coins. HUGE shout-out to the Jane Win team (Rachel, Emily, Amy, Lanie and Mr. Jane Win) for giving it their ALL to make sure everything was delivered with care. I am very lucky to have such wonderful people with me on this wild ride!

Later this week I leave for a long-anticipated vacation with my Mom and daughters. We are headed to Turks and Caicos and I literallyyyyyyy cannotttt waittttt. We were supposed to go to Bermuda for Sabrina’s graduation last year which was cancelled – so we are escaping for a few days of pure sunshine, swimming, french fries, reading, long lunches and being grateful for what we have.

Before I go, I have to talk PETER STRID ART. You may ask – why is a jewelry designer having trunk shows for artists? Here is a little back story.

When I was a kid in August, GA, I grew-up in this awesome center hall Victorian house that I swear – was magic. My parents made it that way. Upstairs there was a giant room that ran the center of the floor – that was our playroom. We had a young artist living above the garage and when he couldn’t make rent, my Dad had him paint our playroom space into a circus. My Dad hung a trapeze, a swing and 2 rings from the ceiling! There was a ‘grandstand’ of people painted on the wall, and a giant elephant. It looked as though you were under the lights in the tent on the big top. I would swing on the trapeze and flip onto a big yellow beanbag and think – this is the best life ever.

Ever since then, I have marveled at artists’ skills – both their natural talent as well as their ability to transport you. I turned that love of artists into a college career of Art History. Later, one of my favorite jobs of all time was the print director at Lilly Pulitzer – where this insanely amazing group of people came up with the fun, happy, artwork that defined the LP brand.

Now, Instagram makes art so AVAILABLE – you can find artists, and you can buy work you would never have been exposed to. It just so happens Peter lives blocks from our showroom and he has been kind enough to lend us pieces to bring the space to life. I love love love his style. Champagne bottles and cartoon characters layered with all-time favorite Hermes 😉 What on earth could be better? Peter has created limited edition prints of some of our favorite pieces that we will be offering this week only. They are gorgeous – I have 2 already. Please take a peek at his collection here, learn more about Peter here, & help spread the work on his talent ❤❤❤

Sending tons of love, xx Janie


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