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The month of February has started, and I am feeling really good vibes. I know that is silly, but January was a little rough – my milestone birthday really dragged me down and frankly, I was overwhelmed with work. Mr. Jane Win noticed (I am NOT SUBTLE aka I’m a cryer, how could he not notice) that I was underwater and he made me a powerpoint on how to get through it. Isn’t that sweet? He is clearly the ‘logical’ one in the relationship and wanted to get some things in writing so we could build a path out of my crappy mood.
One of the things on the powerpoint was that I needed to talk to someone…that I couldn’t keep all the work stuff and just STUFF bottled up. I knew EXACTLY who I wanted to call – a ‘life coach’ of sorts that I had worked with before, as I was preparing to leave my corporate job and start Jane Win. He really helped me sort through a timeline and emotionally process such a massive change.
Last week I reunited with my coach, and it was an insightful conversation because he helped my put some of my stresses into words, helped me break-down what was dragging me down, and we started to formulate a plan on how to adjust course. A lot of it centered around what I wanted my life to look like, every day – and long term. I left the one hour ‘session’ with a renewed energy and drive to build an awesome company with smart co-workers and create connections with incredible customers. I will keep chatting with my coach and will tell you everything you want to know…but what strikes me most if how a little one hour talk with the right person can put new spring into your step. And sometimes when someone nudges you (or presents a powerpoint), you should take the hint!
From there, I went to Palm Beach where that good energy continued to flow. I landed in Palm Beach with Mr. Jane Win and we checked into a slightly dodgy (but great location!) Airbnb. We took a day off and spoiled ourselves with a day by the ocean, fish tacos and rosé at lunch 😊. On Sunday our trunk show with Poppy Caravan started and it was GREAT. The Colony Hotel was a beautiful location, the other brands present were chic, Stephanie the gal running with event with her team were all lovely…and then YOU! So many of our local customers that I had not met came in wearing their Jane Win. SO many people said, “I follow you on Instagram and wanted to come get my first piece.” I was honored and humbled that so many knew Jane Win! It felt so so good, and we had fun helping people shop and layer for 2 days.
On Tuesday we had a photoshoot planned. I don’t know if it was because I have been so busy but I just didn’t prepare properly, and while we had planned a shoot with a great photographer and model, we had not cleared the location. I had moved from the Airbnb to the Tideline Ocean Resort & Spa to be on the water for the shoot and realized literally the day before the shoot: the hotel may not be excited about me disrupting the lounging guests with a photoshoot! I called the head of Marketing – let’s be honest, I kind of stalked him, calling repeatedly until he picked up. When we spoke he said he needed to speak to management and I was really freaking out – I thought he was going to call me back and say I couldn’t shoot there. Waiting by the phone I JUMPED to pick up…and he said, “while we normally do not have photoshoots we would be happy to welcome you”…blah blah blah I blacked out a little with relief. When I checked-in they gave me the most beautiful room with giant sliding doors that led straight to the ocean and a bottle of wine! It felt like more than robotic ‘good service’, it felt like they cared, they were being nice, they were happy to do it…it was ALL GOOD VIBES.
Tuesday morning I was awake before the sun came up because I was nervous about a new photographer, a new model, new hair and make-up. We were waiting for a Fedex delivery of jewelry coming from NYC, and I was scared it would not make it. I was a bundle of nerves. I got some coffee, and, despite being a TERRIBLE ironer, we had beautiful clothes ready to style with our late Spring/Summer line. Rachel and Emily came with their can-do upbeat energy. The make-up artist arrived and was really on the ball. Lauren the model came and,, yes she is stunning, but more-so, she was the most down-to-earth fun person to hang out with…no pretense at all. And then the photographer arrived, kicked off his flip flips and scouted the hotel for places to shoot. I was blown away with his ingenuity – finding perfect spots of green foliage, beach and palm trees. The Marketing guy (a savior named Emilio) from the hotel came to check on us. There was ZERO pressure, it was just a great all around experience with no stress, fun work, great vibes.
So. I don’t know if I needed to have a little reset after a tough January. I don’t know if talking to my coach helped me reframe. I don’t know if the stars aligned and I was gifted an incredible Palm Beach trunk show and shoot from the universe? Normally I say you make your own luck – and you know I believe that. This time – I really do think I was lucky enough to be surrounded by a great team and to have BY CHANCE met some really good people. I will take it – no matter how it came my way!
If you are looking to escape winter, The Tideline Ocean Resort & Spa is now very dear to my heart. Their tagline is Escape the Ordinary, Discover the Exceptional and I just feel like my experience there rings so so true. If you visit please be sure to watch the sunrise, maybe take a dip in the ocean as the sun comes up (INCREDIBLE) and order the blackened fish tacos for lunch. Take a peek at their website here.
Tideline Hotel Jane Win
Now where to NEXT! Mr. Jane Win and I are off to Charleston for a few weeks - a bit of work and a bit of play and to see my girls who are both in school nearby. Feeling inspired by a few weeks of warmth, below is my dream closet. It is full of fun spring prints and of course tons of gold jewelry. Anyone else ready to ditch the pants for Spring DRESSES? 
Sending tons of love, Janie

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