A Note from Jane: Mother's Day!

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Diary Installment 28:  An optimistic person, a small business, and a mom.  This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time. 


Confessional: Before I start a Mother’s Day blog I have to tell you that age 8ish to 18ish I was THE MOST CHALLENGING DAUGHTER and I tortured my mother. She is probably spitting out her coffee while reading this. MOM – I’M SORRY! I know you are tough cookie so you managed but I know – I was tough. Here’s a sprinkling of the terrible awful things I put her through (and I have more I can’t even bear to type): 

  • When my Mom married my stepfather I skipped the rehearsal dinner and surprised her at the wedding with a giant black streak dyed into my hair. It was atrocious. 
  • I ‘borrowed’ my stepfather’s car, hit a telephone pole – my friend thew-up on the side and I left it IN THE FRONT YARD.  

This ends the confessional segment of the blog 😂 

This week we were working on a video ad for Jane Win, and part of that is a ‘brand video’ that start with me saying…I have a jewelry box full of memories. The jewelry I was given in my life for milestone moments was usually accompanied by a note – and some of those I have stashed in my jewelry box. This note has been folded with a pair of earrings for over 25 years… 

Janie: Let these be a symbol – that you are loved not only because you are wonderful, but that you are you, whatever that might be at any given time. And we do love you so much, and always. No pressure – no reciprocation. Mom 


So – it’s not the perfect I love you note, right? Despite me being such a handful, my Mom loved me and wanted me to know it. And I have this little slice of time in my life remembered. I think what I take away this second is that – it really is a journey (sorry to sound like I’m on the Bachelor). The role of Mom can be really really really hard.  

This year I look around and see ALL THE MOMS giving their hearts to their children. So many people have struggled during this year and Moms want to make it better. All the time and love – so much energy is pouring into our kids during the first (and hopefully last!) truly catastrophic pandemic of our lifetime. While I think jewelry makes the best gift…maybe all that is really necessary is a nice note. Please consider taking a moment to write your Mom a note (or a text or an email!). Things aren’t always perfect -  relationships aren’t always perfect - but there is still the LOVE that ties us together through the good and the challenging. And drunk teenagers. And pandemics.  

If you want to shop – Jane Win has sooooo many Mother's Day options. We have a gift guide of our favorite jewelry picks here

Also fun is our edit of my favorite gifts beyond just Jane Win! Shop the blog… 



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