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Diary Installment 13:  An optimistic person, a small business, and a mom.  This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time.
I have not written a real diary entry to you in a bit because I think I’ve been hiding. Is anyone else feeling EXHAUSTED? The pandemic has been going on so long, feels like it’s getting worse and there are additional layers of fear and guilt added every day. Some of you may be in the same boat?

OR – are you ok and finding a way to cope and it’s not getting to you? For a longtime I really went back and forth – even within the same day. Lately, I have been feeling the weight of it all and want a break.

I feel like I have an overload of information and it’s all a jumbled mess. With covid – are things getting any better? With our critical need to react and change with the #blacklivesmatter wake-up call to America, are we getting anywhere? Literally. Are we getting anywhere on anything? Or is it just anxiety, arguing, polarized viewpoints and confusion. WOWWWWW that all sounds so pessimistic for me which is out of character.

From a business perspective things are awesome. Well. An awesome mess :). Sales are good – thank you for loving what we do. Production is still so slow. Every time I think we are getting ahead on inventory, there is a delay. Another closed day in the factory or flight cancelled that bring components we need. I get my hopes up and then try and not react when things get derailed. I am spending so much energy trying to help customers through the same things – I mean, you want your jewelry and I get it! It kills me to miss one birthday or moment because our shipments are late – I really apologize that we can’t control it.

I do have some big, and for me some very sad, news. I have to change the name of my company. I cannot tell you the full story. I have known for a long time and have been working through legal paperwork and have just been – tortured. Sleepless nights. Real sadness that I can’t use my own name for my company that I am working so hard to build.

The new name of Jane Winchester will be Jane Win - which I really like. You may have noticed that we have already switched our Instagram handle. Facebook and our website will be next. Our crescent moon and star stays the same so it will look like this:
Golden Summer
My guess is - you don’t care what we are named. HOPEFULLY, you love the jewelry and the name is just a name. I will very quickly move on, but I wanted you to get a little bit of the scoop on what was happening.

When I first started Jane Winchester, I got told "no" all the time. I know you have heard me say that before. In the past few weeks we have been on a roller-coaster of fabulous orders, factory shut-downs, re-openings from a covid hibernation, and the reality of a name change. A LOT of movement and change. It feels like when I first started the company but now I am a bit more seasoned, I am choosing to focus on the positive and the future. I love love love what I do for JW, creating jewelry that truly connects. I also feel very lucky to have such a fabulous support system in my family and you, our customers. So. We can do it. Sending tons of love, Janie

PS: my favorite new LOVIES are back in stock and that alone is reason for celebration.

Sending tons of love,

xx Jane Win

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