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Diary Installment 22:  An optimistic person, a small business, and a mom.  This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time.

So., I DO NOT want to be a downer. I know I am the person who wrote that I was going crazy decorating for Christmas early because I was so jazzed up and excited. Well. Things just aren’t going my wayyyyyy. I fasted on Sunday (long story on why) and when I weighed myself Monday  I had gained a pound. We bought a Christmas tree and I think it might be dead already…it won’t drink any water and is littering the house with needles (ummmm fire hazard?). My youngest Tiki is a junior in high school and really feeling the stress (plus home school plus SAT confusion) - she just keeps bursting into tears…and I want to join her. Is there some cosmic mess going on that I don’t know about (lol I know, COVID-19).?

NOT to change topics but have you read the book UNTAMED by Glennon Doyle. I loved it. Her Instagram post this week read:

8 Things of which I am sick:

  1. Groundhog Day after Day after Day
  2. Missing my mom and dad and sister
  3. Feeling not quite "human" in general
  4. Being overwhelmed
  5. Being underwhelmed (I just wanna be whelmed)
  6. No breaks from The Suck
  7. No end in sight
  8. Being sucky to my family even after I wake up everyday and promise myself: SELF: TODAY YOU WILL NOT SUCK.

That’s all. That’s your daily you know... joy.
Again: Don’t look at me — you’re the one following a depressed inspirational speaker.

HA! As usual she is right on. There is a DRAG in the universe people. It is real. The news is scary and while there is hope, we do have months before we will see a change. It’s getting cold, dark earlier and...I gained a pound while fasting. UGH that seriously – I’m never going to get over that.

OK OK picture me jumping around the room trying to get the energy back. Whoooooo – we’ve got to make this FUN! Our days are so different than they used to be, like our every – day – is different and much quieter. I have been talking (to myself) about some changes, and I am taking action. The question is: How do we get through this next phase?

You may fall off your chair, but I booked a trip to me favorite place CAPRI, ITALY. In September. Will we be able to go? WHO. KNOWS. But if we can…I will. And now I get that special ‘dreaming of a trip time’ where I am making lists of places I want to go back to and new things I want to do. The outfit planning ❤. Hoping it will happen, but if it doesn’t – I will have spent hours daydreaming and smiling thinking about a sunny escape. I first went to Capri when I was around 15 and have been back many times – last time we rented a house with all the kids, and in September we will stay in an apartment (like we live there!) for a couple weeks. Heaven. Even if only a semi-reality 😊.

The other thing I am doing is gifting generously. I wrote before about my LOVE of giving gifts but this year my gifting seems to be falling into 3 categories:

  1. SHOP LOCAL: I am making special trips to our local stores to buy gifts from small businesses like me that REALLY need the support. Our local bookstore is a MUST. I went to our local outdoor gear spot and loaded up for the men in my life. I know you have all heard it a bunch, but I cannot tell you how true it is…shop local and shop small. Literally so much is riding on this holiday for small businesses.
  2. I am gifting with meaning. I am buying things that can truly express how I feel about someone. OBVIOUSLY, Jane Win is built around jewelry with meaning, so lol I’m a natural, BUT if you need help read through this list of the meaning behind our coins. I guarantee one will jump out at you and remind you of someone special:


  1. I am gifting extravagantly. OMGGGG pray right now that Mr. Jane Win (Doug) does notttttt readdd thissss. Ha. Marital test. I am calling it COVID COMPENSATION. I have gotten a few people some special things because – I just want to see them smile and know that their mom went a little crazy for them. I SEE that life has been hard for them and I cannot take it away or make it better. But I can buy them some jewelry that should ease the pain.

So besides booking imaginary trips, gaining weight while fasting, failing at staying wine-free during the week and spending money I shouldn’t… I’m FINE. And writing these notes to you really makes smile. Thank you for that!

Before I go, some good news. I feel as though I can take your temperature by what coins are selling. A few months ago we were only selling the PROTECT coin…it was flying out and I get it. Now, we are shipping a whole bunch of LOVE. So here are a couple NEW pieces to add to your collection, launching right now!

MORE good news? Jane Win turned three years old this week. December 5th 2017 we launched with 8 coins that all turned a scary color and basically ‘fell apart’; it was a S*SHOW. They have been the hardest, the most rewarding and the coolest years I could imagine. I have learned so much and I have grown-up…with you. LOOK HOW FAR WE HAVE COME. Way more to come on this year and this birthday, stay tuned for some surprises and tons more diary entries.

Check out WHAT'S NEW and so special for the holidays.

xxxxxx Janie

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