Forever Finding Your Way Home

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The FOREVER pendant was designed to give a touchstone to the power of home, finding your way and to being centered. Clearly the Jane Winchester line is optimistic, but we all know that there are times in life when we are lost. KNOWING that you have a home and have a ‘center’ is the power of FOREVER.

The design started with a tradition I have with my husband. I bring him a compass from my travels. I think the first was a framed lithograph of a compass that has a heart in the center – then came a compass bought in Piccadilly Market in London…and we always say to each other and I say to my kids (way too much), “come home to me’.

So, I started with a simple compass which has long been a symbol for sailors of the journey home, finding the path and a guide to get where you need to be.

At a separate time, I was drawing keys like mad. I was in Rome Italy, and key symbolism is everywhere, primarily for religious reasons but also in family crests. The key has many different meanings, but my favorite, which mean so much with the compass, is knowledge, freedom and – of course – they key to my heart. I knew I wanted a pendant that was strong - a very visual representation of the knowledge that you have the power to steer yourself home, and that there is a comfort and love to home that is like no other.

I was worried that the word FOREVER didn’t make sense with the compass and keys until I said, FOREVER FIND YOUR WAY HOME TO ME. I meant it in love for my husband, I meant it in love for my kids as they get older – I literally imagined working Mom’s holding the pendant as they went on a business trip thinking of the home that they loved.

Sometimes I feel a little lost – actually, as I am writing this I feel a little lost. The social media world can make it look like everyone has a perfect life - but the cold winter, or being run-down from working hard, or the pressure we put on ourselves to be gorgeously filtered…can make you feel as though you have lost the true meaning of it all. I have been wearing the FOREVER pendant a lot with the launch of the business because I am insecure, and I need to know that – I have my compass, I know what I want to do – I should not get scared off by the day to day but keep marching towards ‘success’ of the company. And always always find my home with my husband, kids and family.

I know that we have a LOVE pendant as well, but FOREVER feels even more perfect for Valentine’s Day this year ❤.

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