Hearts Are Everything

Hearts Are Everything

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Hearts Find Me! I see them everywhere - so much so that I had to start sharing them on Instagram. The heart obsession shouldn’t sideline the jewelry design, but I had to dedicate at least one blog post to heart jewelry.

So here’s the deal...some people HATE HEARTS. Some people I really really adore like my friend Kate - hate hearts!

WHY do people hate hearts? Too cute. The cutsey-heart-thing has created a childish ‘precious’ stigma that I don’t like either. Just like anything else, you have to make hearts your own - make them cool and distinct to your style.

My favorite heart pendant from infamous Barneys New York designer Kazuko.

Obviously the heart symbolizes love, but there’s additional symbolism that expands on it’s meaning:

FLAMES & Heart = burning passion. FUN.
Intertwined Hearts = everlasting love, an unbreakable bond.
A heart with a single crown on top = RULER OF MY HEART
The double heart with a crown over it - wait for it = FIDELITY OVER A MARRIAGE. Hmmmmm.Wonder if that works?

...and one I bet you haven't heart of - the WITCH’S HEART (it has a twist at the bottom). This was used in jewelry in the 18th and 19th centuries to ward off evil and protect mothers in childbirth.

This and much more is detailed here and here. Interesting reads if you are into jewelry and symbolism.

So I’m asking you - SAVE HEARTS. Make them cool! We all know the world needs a bit more love, wearing it on your sleeve can be a start. 

Here are my favorite picks of designer hearts in the market right now:

Cecil Heart Earring at Revolve $38

Heart Cuff Stella Valle at Nordstrom $49

Catbird Heart Ring $96

Linked Heart Necklace from Anthropologie $128

Jennifer Zeuner Heart Anklet at Shopbop $132

Jordan Askill Heart Ring at M’oda Operandi $150

Turquoise x Oyster Shell Heart Ring at Free People $700

Elsa Peretti Open Heart Hoops at Tiffany $1950

Jennifer Meyer Heart Ring at Ylang 23 $2225

Tons of love and xx, Janie

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