KNOCK IT OFF! Designing Jewelry AND Supporting Other Jewelry Designers Through Blogging – can you do both?

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Since the inception of Jane Winchester, the primary concept has been to create beautiful jewelry – but that’s not all. As you know now through the blog, I want to:

  1. Transparently tell the story of the business development – with the hope that it will inspire others AND provide resources for those who have a small business or want to start one – a ‘tell all’ meets ‘step-by-step’ guide.
  2. Talk Jewelry Style – ALL THE TIME. This means sharing fabulous jewelry in the market to build an audience who trusts my taste to ‘shop’ the latest trends. It’s also a great way to support the jewelry industry and independent jewelry designers, such as myself.


The dichotomy of what I am suggesting could make some question – how can you create a jewelry line while supporting your competition? There lies a fundamental belief of our company…wearing only one brand is BORING. ESPECIALLY in jewelry! Accessories are a one-size way to make any outfit unique – and the mix of earrings from H&M and a ring from Cartier are what define style. Having worked in the fashion business for over 20 years I know that brands want you to wear more of what they are selling, but what Jane Winchester hopes is for a woman to fall in love with a piece, incorporate it into her life and mix it with everything else she adores. The piece becomes a part of her multi-faceted personality, but the brand does not define who she is.

As the Jane Winchester style evolves it’s been easy and fun to write about jewelry trends. Last weeks blog of hoop earrings was one of my favorites [Gold Hoops] but I also loved showing readers how to design their own piece in the JW Collects: FISH blog.

In parallel with writing about jewelry trends, I have been hard at work developing the Jane Winchester line of jewelry. The key? Respect for designers around me and support of their business through jewelry blogging – while staying COMPLETELY unique to my creativity in the design of Jane Winchester. Through industry experience I know that many designers ‘shop the market’ to knock off others and that can be a successful business model – just not mine.

How can I design my line and NOT be influenced by designers around me? While trends – like hoops or fringe – can become universal looks that all designers gravitate to, imitating someone’s work is something different. To stay centered on my own look I draw everyday in my sketchbook. I know what I love and I draw versions over and over, trying new looks within that genre and pushing myself to create something innovative within my own design-box.

Here is an awesome blog on how to get your sketch-going. I think the best advice is NOT to over-think what you are doing. Draw what is sitting right in front of you, or what pops into your mind first. These books can also be awesome prompts:

Sketchbook Challenge Techniques

642 Things to Draw

Below are pages from my sketchbook, these are the images that will develop into the Jane Winchester jewelry line. No surprise, I love hearts, snakes, beetles, butterflies. I try hard NOT to be ‘cute’. I love to add words into what I draw. If you have an itch to be creative I encourage you TIMES A MILLION to just start with something. Dust off the cobwebs and create a little everyday.

The Jane Winchester audience will be the ultimate judge on the balance of creating a line (aka will it sell) and jewelry blogging (will it encourage sales of other designers). I look forward to sharing more sketches that turn to actual pieces AND posting about the latest jewelry trends.

Tons of love and xx, Janie


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