Jane Win Girl Gang: Estelle Colored Glass Founder Stephanie Summerson Hall

Jane Win Girl Gang: Estelle Colored Glass Founder Stephanie Summerson Hall

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A Note from Jane
I have been fan-girling over Estelle Colored Glass since I was introduced to the brand a few years ago. Each piece is so timeless - I am partial to the lavender (yes you saw me use my wine glasses at my birthday part last weekend, pictured above!) but adore all of the jewel tones. You can image how thrilled I was to be connected to their Founder, Stephanie Summerson Hall. Stephanie is the kind of woman I am honored to see wear Jane Win. She is a smart, savvy business woman with a South Carolina charm that you will adore. 
I hope you'll read through my interview with Stephanie, AND enter our Girl Gang giveaway HERE. You could win a Jane Win Original Coin of your Choice & Chunky Chain plus a set of Estelle Colored Glass Mixed Stemware, valued at $650. Finish up January (dry or not!) with a timeless set of gorgeous, handmade stemware and sparkly jewelry with meaning 💋
xx Janie
Estelle colored glass x jane win
Stephanie, First full stop. YOU ARE A LAWYER. Ok brainiac. You started your career in law before pivoting to entrepreneurship after starting your family. Can you tell us a little bit about where you are from and where you got your start? 
I grew up in a small town called Holly Hill, SC and stayed in state for
college. After law school I moved to the DC Metro area and then
eventually moved back to my native SC after starting my young family.
Estelle is named after your grandmother Estelle – Jane Win is also named for my grandmother. Tell us more about her and how she inspired you to start the brand. How has the collection evolved since the launch in 2019?
It was through antiquing trips with my grandmother Estelle that I learned
of colored glass and she also had some pieces in her two china cabinets. The
colored glass pieces were very memorable and when I was having a new
house built and in the frame of mind of building forever collections, I
wanted to include some colored glass pieces because of my memories of the
pieces at my grandmother’s home. When I started my search for pieces, in
my head there was a company like the one I have built that already existed
where I could build a personal collection from and that were modernized.
When I found that colored glass could only be found in a large variety on
the secondary market, that is when the lightbulb went off and this brand
became a viable business concept.
Estelle Colored Glass products are heirloom quality, luxury pieces. That being said, you encourage customers to use them on an everyday basis, to enjoy the meals and the special moments that each use may bring. I love this sentiment – life is meant to be enjoyed, and these experiences are what make life rich. I am using my wine glasses daily (even though it’s supposed to be a dry January!). This mindset makes me think of jewelry and NOT saving the special pieces in a jewelry box but wearing every day. What is your favorite item on your line right now that needs to be used everyday?
My favorite item is our lavender stewmare – a statement piece inspired by
an elegant evening gown by designer Elie Saab.
Do you have a special piece of jewelry that, like your glassware, you wear all the time?
Just my wedding ring which I never take off but love dressing up outfits these days with gold pieces including my new Jane Win pieces that I absolutely love.
Stephanie Summerson Hall Estelle Colored Glass
Of course, we have to talk about your Jane Win jewelry. You have our Petite Hearts Find Me, the Protect Coin, and our Chunky Chain. Quite a ‘neck mess’ as we call it – what drew you to each piece?
I love the subtle and soft look of coin necklace yet it is still charming. The
Chunky Chain is a statement that looks great with my solid color knit
Your warehouse and production is about an hour outside of Charleston, in the same neighborhood where you grew up, where your grandmother Estelle lived. We adore Charleston- what other South Carolina based brands should we have our eye on?
Yes Charleston has an amazing group of creatives and founders with a
number of them I have the privilege of calling friends – Molly Fienning with
Red Hot Clay Sauce, Mimi Striplin with Tiny Tassel, Carrie Morey - Callie’s
Hot Little Biscuit, Morgan Smith - Minnow Swim to name a few.
If you could go back in time and give yourself any advice, what would you say to the Stephanie who decided to leave her corporate job to become an entrepreneur?
I would still tell myself to follow my passion and be lead by my intuition.
I love that. What are you most excited about for Estelle in 2023? 
We are excited to introduce our new Sunday Collection which is a
delicately scalloped collection of highballs, lowballs and vases celebrating
the joyous Sunday dinners I have experienced from childhood to
A few fun quickfire questions…
- Which piece of Estelle glassware are you using the most – Cake Stand,
Stemware, Champagne Coupe, Rocks Glass, Decanter, or Martini Glass?
Champagne Coupe
- Favorite Estelle color? Lavender
- What was the last book you read? Born to Shine by Kendra Scott
Thank you Stephanie for being a part of our Girl Gang 💋 Don't forget to sign up to win our Girl Gang Giveaway here.

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