Jane Win Girl Gang: Good Vibe Cookie Co

Jane Win Girl Gang: Good Vibe Cookie Co

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Jodi! We have been running in the same circles for a while now – it felt like fate when our PR team suggested we work together for our press event in LA. Of course we later realized we were popping up at the same trunk show a week later 😊 I am happy we could finally connect.

Jane Win Good Vibe Cookie Co

You create edible art, hand painted cookies inspired by real crystals. Can you tell us a bit more about the business? How did you get your start? 

Good Vibes Cookie Co. exists because we believe in karma, we believe we are all interconnected, and we believe a good cookie baked with sweet intentions has the power to make someone's day. Created by the pull of passion and a burst of creativity, our homemade crystal cookies come from the heART. 

Because crystals emit a very high frequency that encourages the body to match it and raise your frequency, Good Vibes Cookie Co. is rooted in a commitment to living life with the highest vibrations — spreading love, light, and positivity along the way. 

Each cookie is a hand-painted piece of art inspired by a real crystal. Like us, no two cookies are the same. But from the confectionary crunch that sits atop the silky layer of frosting to the buttery cookie bottom, every layered bite promises to be a party in your mouth.  

Honor your magic, trust the universe, and, when in doubt, eat the cookie!

How did you get your start?

Born and raised in Los Angeles, crystals have been a part of Jodi’s life for as long as she can remember. She grew up learning about their good vibes from her grandfather, and, as an adult, she found herself drawn to crystals once again. 

Being a single mama of two, Jodi wanted to send her kids off into the world with a bit of positivity and sweet intentions, and she dreamed up her very first crystal cookie in February 2018. She decided to make a cookie dough geode to celebrate Valentine’s Day with her kiddos, and, after some trial and error, she found a recipe that worked just so. She posted a picture of the crystal cookie creation to her private social media account, and, well, the rest is history; all from organic growth, word of mouth & so much heART behind it all --- featured on The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew Barrymore Small Business Guide, Us Weekly & working with amazing groups and individuals such as Jessica Alba & The Honest Company, Levis, PepsiCo/SuperBowl & most recently Jane Win ;-)

Truly overwhelmed by the response to her cookies from friends and strangers alike, Jodi's design background kicked in. Having graduated USC with a fine arts degree after studying graphic design and packaging (she worked as a designer at Guess and did freelance design before joining her family's court reporting business), Jodi started exploring what her branding would look like. Fast forward to May 2018, and she was setting up her first-ever pop-up/tasting in Pacific Palisades, CA, because I was so scared people wouldn't like my product I literally gave away 100 cookies!! So wild to look back at the journey & the evolution of my heART from that one "basic"if you can even call it that crystal cookie I started with!

Seemingly coming together in the blink of an eye, Jodi’s journey to Good Vibes Cookie Co. is a testament to what you can create when you authentically follow your passion. Today, she shares her love of crystals with her kids — and the world! — hand making and painting each confection with, you guessed it, Good Vibes. 

Just as crystals promote calmness, strength, love, and healing, Jodi’s intention is to share a bit of that magic with each of her cookie creations. After all, when you give love, karma will kiss you back.

You know we are all about jewelry with meaning, and you are all about cookies with meaning! 

How do you incorporate the crystal meanings into your confections? 

Good Vibes Cookie Co is a feast for all the senses... literally & figuratively-- we like to say it is literally the most "palatable" way to step into crystal healing because-- duhhh it's a cookie!!! Each & every Good Vibes Crystal Cookies is a hand painted replication of a real healing crystal from mama earth... such a unique experience from the look, to the taste, right down to the packaging, no detail is overlooked. Each cookie is never just the cookie, you will also have a card or inset which includes the meaning or what we refer to as the "intention" of the delicious crystal you are about to enjoy. If that isn't enough, we raise the vibes to a whole new level with a clear quartz infusion to each and every stone for amplification + manifestation + clearity.

You have the Jane Win FREEDOM Butterfly: What drew you to this piece? 

Butterflies have always been a symbolic spirit animal in my family as long as I can remember -- my mom always says when we see some flying by-- that they are my grandparents (who are no longer with us) which always makes me feel supported spiritually ...  for me personally, as a part of my life's journey, I paint & create butterflies as a symbol, better yet a commitment to my continuous growth, representation of change in my past, present & future--- transformation, comfort, hope & freedom. That word tho, FREEDOM, really sealed the deal when I saw the name of your coin because it's truly where my wanderful heART is always.

There are so many fun surprises (and not so fun challenges) that come with starting your own business. It sounds like entrepreneurship runs in your family. Is there a special surprise delight that has come with starting your own business with Good Vibes Cookie Co? 

What people don't know or realize is I actually created my first crystal cookie not for a brand, but for my kiddos & to find happiness again when we needed during a trying transition. Little did I realize that baking hope into our lives would end up being my own sHERO story. I think the biggest surprise is how many people connect with my personal story, the authenticity of living my truth & leaning into all the parts of me-- the good, the bad & the yummy.... but I think what still shocks me is how quickly the growth happened like it was divinely orchestrated for me.... I don't think I ever really realized that I was an entrepreneur, or even my parents or grandparents--- because we were just doing what we do... being us... I was raised to be a part of a larger community, where clients become friends, become family -- all supporting each other no matter class, race, education... so for me, entrepreneurship ihas always been about the creation & than the "why" follows ---everything has been an evolution-- I have done this in my own way, on my own timing... I have such a stubborn heART & the universe will always reward a stubborn heART--hahah I think I tangented off topic as I do so well :-)

I think the biggest struggle I have faced is finding the right fit to help grow the brand--- since what I make is so unconventional-- I mean I make a cookie, that is a crystal, but a cookie... and most can't grasp the idea, let alone the thought and care that goes into each and every cookie & box.... so my biggest challenge is finding the right group of people to support the heavy lift of doing something that is done in a different way--- look, at the end if the day we are baking cookies, but in a special way & in order to grow you need people surrounding you who will think outside of the box with you. I think that is my biggest challenge, that and not growing at the speed of my imagination--- I have so many new ideas that are just sitting and ruminating in my subconscious--- but since I literally do everything from baking, painting, shipping, graphic design, branding, package design, shipping, emailings, social media, website ... I mean the list goes on--- getting everything done and still growing the brand that is a challenge. I do believe this was all meant to be though-- so I could learn everything from the ground up & really understand what my intention is, the brand, the community, who we want to work with & how we want to grow.... did I even answer the question hahah

You are LA based! What other LA brands or creators should we be following right now? 

Los Angeles Born & Raised ... 

I like to refer to myself as a true California Unicorn -- and let's be honest, Los Angeles is the only place a crystal cookie can be dreamed up and created!!! AMIRIGHT?!?!

Gotta Give some California Love to innovators, some personal friends... others who inspire me to dream bigger:

Jen Atkin founder of ManeAddicts, The Ouai & The newest addition Mane

Kelly Weastler - designer

Liz Bretz - Photographer

Hilary Kerr - Chief Content Creator & cofounder @whowhatwear but why I love her so @secondlifepodcast

Nail art by Queenie - nail heARTist

Emily Men- stylist

Lindy Ann Pearson - yogi

Tina Lynch - Somatic Therapy, Holistic Health Coach, Breathwork Facilitator

These Hands Collective - creative community & classes

A few quickfire questions: 

  • What crystal are you grabbing most right now? 

Carnelian (sacral chakra) for action + passion + creativity + courage.

Jade (heART centered magic) wisdom + wealth + success + love + new beginnings

Labradorite: transformation + destiny + magic + adventure + synchronicities

Fluorite : Clarity + Balance + growth + tapping into intuitive gifts + dreams

Ametrine : this stone is a mix of Amethyst & Citrine!!

  • Beach or country vacation? 

Beach Please! hehe this Mama loves her some Vitamin sea!! I am a double water sign-- sun & moon in Cancer!

  • What was the last book you read? TV show you watched? 


Mcihelle Obama - The Light We Carry

Material Girl, Mystical World - Ruby Warrington


Ted Lasso (apple TV) - that ending tho!!! Team Rebecca!!! hehe...  

The Diplomat (Netflix) -- hello Felicity, leaving me wanting more!!

Shrinking (Apple TV) - waiting, not so patiently waiting for another season....

Harlem (amazon prime)--- think of Sex in the City but Better! sorry SJP--- I still am a Carrie for life!!

  • What do you never leave the house without? 

vintage Bamboo XL hoops

Sarah Horowitz Custom Oil Parfum (another LA based womens owned business!!)

my coin necklaces I made from money places I visited in the world

& obvi my newest addition my FREEDOM butterfly coin from the Jane Win collection!

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