Jane Win Girl Gang: Sue Sartor

Jane Win Girl Gang: Sue Sartor

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Sue Sartor x Jane Win

Sue! Welcome to the Girl Gang! Thank you for chatting with me. Your style is timeless and I adore your prints. So much to talk about!

Give us a little background on you for our customers who may be unfamiliar. Where are you from and where did you get your start?

I am absolutely thrilled to be in your girl gang. I am a huge fan of your brand!

I grew up in Massachusetts and NJ and spent summers on Cape Cod.  I worked in fashion merchandising for The Calvin Klein Collection in the early 90’s. It was there that I got a real taste for fashion at the highest level.  It was truly such an energized and incredible place to be! I went to Tulane University and that’s where I met my husband. We live in Northeast Louisiana in his home town and go to New Orleans often.

While my children were young, I had long dreamed of designing an artisan luxury line of dresses & kaftans.  I waited until the kids were older to put it all in motion.  It has been such fun and tons of work. But, when you are passionate about something, the work feels different. I am having the time of my life!

I could not agree more! And the passion shows in each design. Tell us about the inspiration and process that led you to start your line. 

I wanted the line to feature hand-made artisan textiles with the sensibility of modern silhouettes. All of my pieces are super small batch and special. One of my goals is for my wares to be versatile, suitcase-ready, and shift with ease from day to night. I really felt there was a need to bring to market a fashion line of all natural eco- friendly textiles sourced globally with the sensibility of western style. I want the pieces I design to inspire clients to celebrate life each and every day.

And I read that each piece is hand stamped in Jaipur, India (my favorite place, BTW!). Can you tell us a little more about that process and why it makes your textiles so special?

All of my fabrics have something very special about them.  The are either hand-stamped, hand-loomed, hand-dyed, or hand- embroidered. Some of the block prints are made from vintage blocks that I repurpose in unique & beautiful combinations. Some of the wood blocks I design. The silk organzas and satins are hand-dyed and often hand-loomed. All of my custom embroideries are botanically inspired by the beauty of flora and fauna. Flowers, and nature are very important to me and repeat often in my designs. I really enjoy making a little contrast pipe, or color combination that may be unexpected.  The pattern, texture and color play is always fun!

Jane Win x Sue Sartor

The Sue Sartor Flounce is your #1 best seller and my favorite piece – what is your favorite way to style it?

It really is my go to dress. I wear it for travel with tennis shoes or sandals, and bring along a pashmina or jean jacket. Often, I’ll leave off the sash and tie the jean jacket around my waist.  I also LOVE to dress mine way up with heels and gorgeous heirloom or whimsical jewelry.

Jane Win x Sue Sartor

We love love love your JW #neckmess. You have our Besitos Heart and Joy Original Coin. What drew you to each piece?  

 For me, the world always needs more JOY, especially now.  Life can be messy as the world is a tough place with lots coming at us all the time.  The sweet besitos heart layered with the JOY coin are my perfect neck mess!

 I am a huge fan of Jane Win, and especially the positive vibe and ethos of the brand. We all need more more more of it!

You Summer is here, thank god! What trips do you have coming up and what places do you have on your travel bucket list?

 We are about to chaperone our son’s high school senior trip to the Dominican Republic. I am going to be in Sun Valley, The Hamptons, and Nantucket for pop ups this summer.  After that, we go for a visit with my parents home on Cape Cod where its total chill time and bay dips!

What is your summer travel uniform? 

 My new lighter weight long Sue Sartor Flounce Dress in rhubarb/spearmint is such a summer loving piece. It’s also launching in June in a lemon yellow/chartreuse green!  I’ve designed a sleeveless mini version in the new summer prints coming out with a ruffle hem. I like to knock around in all the shorty versions of my dresses with flip flops.  

I enjoy styling my cotton dresses unbuttoned over swim suits too…they’re all kaftans really. I adore a beach to street dress that can be styled in so many easy ways.

Sue Sartor x Jane Win

It really is the perfect travel uniform - just add gold jewelry 😉

Entrepreneurship is a grind. What advice do you have for women who want to start a business? 

Entrepreneurship is  tons and tons of work but a total blast! You must realize going into it, that the business becomes your baby….there is no real end to your day and weekends become weekdays. But, there is so much joy and upside to being an entrepreneur. If you have dream, I’d say definitely go for it!

I think visioning where you want to be and defining your mission is an important step.  Be willing to make changes and adjust as you go.

I also feel it is so important to stay in your lane so that you can develop your brand with integrity.  Don’t go to0 deep too fast with tons of ideas or product.  Test in your key markets first. Do what you do well.  

Reach out to other like minded entrepreneurs and get advice. 

Ultimately, go with your gut.

I love that so much. It is so important to trust your gut - and we don't do it enough! A few fun quickfire questions to close out the interview…

Favorite place to visit? A tropical beach with beautiful views and great service.  And, always Paris!

What color are you wearing all summer? white, ecru, pinks, green

Travel outfit—comfort or style? Why not both! That’s why I designed the Sue Sartor Flounce Dress ;)

Full length or shorty dress? Long

Sneakers or sandals? Sandals

Beach or lake or mountain? Beach Beach Beach

One thing you never leave the house without! 3 must haves …My iPhone, a neutral lip gloss & now my readers!!

Thank you so much Sue for being a part of the JW #GirlGang! Don't forget to redeem your 20% off Sue Sartor here. 💋


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