Jane Win SISTERS Coin ūüźĚ

Jane Win SISTERS Coin ūüźĚ

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We are thrilled to launch our SISTERS Coin - designed to celebrate SISTERHOOD. Each of our coins ships with a card that details the meaning behind the piece, our sisters card reads:

You are born into some sisterhoods. You are bonded through family and blood and history and LOVE. There are also sisters by choice. She is more than a best friend, she is someone who shows up for you, who you think of first when you need someone by your side, who you always forgive. Laughter till tears stream down your face and your cheeks hurt. She can almost feel you when you need her, you pick up the phone to call and there’s already a text from her.

Jane Win SISTERS Coin

In honor of this special launch, we are thrilled to partner with one of our favorite sister duos, Sarah Tucker & Molly Boyd. We interviewed Sarah & Molly and talked all things sisterhood, working with your sister, and fashion favorites,

Sarah and Molly! Our favorite sisters ‚Äď thank you so much for joining as we launch our Sisters coin.¬†Will you tell us a little bit about what your sisterhood means to each of you?

Sarah Tucker & Molly Boyd Sisters coin Jane win

SARAH: It means a built in best friend that is always cheering me on, keeping me laughing, and telling it to me straight.  

MOLLY: A built-in bestie, for sure! 

What is your favorite thing about your sister?

SARAH: So many things I love about Molly, like her great sense of style, and hilarious sense of humor.  But my favorite thing is the way she loves my kids.  Some people say no one will raise your kids the way you do, but I know my kids are in the best, most fun, and safe hands when they are with her.  She's the ultimate Aunt!

MOLLY: Sarah has so many wonderful qualities. She's insanely generous, encouraging, hardworking, and driven. I love her spontaneity and how she doesn't overthink things too much - she just gets things done! She's a friend to all and makes everything look beautiful. 

For our followers who are new to your content, how did you all get your start in the world of fashion and lifestyle blogging?

SARAH: I started out in 2010 the month after I married my husband and moved to Switzerland.  It was purely a hobby for a long time that has morphed into a fun career I love.  In 2020, Molly started blogging, and we all know what happened that March ... We were just seeing each other, and started sharing tablescapes as a fun way to escape through tablescaping (:  We've since shared over 100 #YouCanSetWithUs table settings.  

MOLLY: Sarah started blogging 13 years ago sharing her exciting travels and newlywed life in Switzerland. In 2020, she included me in a campaign she was working on with a flower company (at the time, I was a wedding planner, so building floral arrangements went hand in hand). That segwayed into us setting a table with said floral arrangements, which ultimately lead to us creating and sharing weekly tablescapes. I had my final wedding early last year and am now focusing on creating content full time. I am so grateful to Sarah for giving me the nudge (and the confidence) to start blogging and sharing online. I truly love it!

We love that you all work together as creators, what has been the biggest surprise about working with your sister?

SARAH: It has really helped me with burn out because it's just become so fun!  I love how much we've been able to travel together, while working.  She's the ying to my yang, and I know we always have each others best interest at heart.  

MOLLY: I call Sarah my Kris Jenner (aka my momager). She's far more experienced than I am, so she has great advice and is always presenting really exciting opportunities for us. I try to fill in the gaps with my strengths. We balance each other out! It's also so fun to be able to travel for work together. We really just have the best time and it doesn't feel like "work".

Sarah Tucker Molly Boyd Sisters Jane Win Coin

Ok now let’s talk FASHION! We love both of your style so much, what brands are you wearing every day?

SARAH: Tuckernuck, Renwick, Oliphant, Rhode, Staud are my five go-to's right now.  

MOLLY: I love so many! My go-to's are Tuckernuck, Agua by Agua Bendita, Doen, Zara, and I love a great pair of jeans (favorite brands are Agolde, Redone and Frame)

Jane Win Molly Boyd Sarah Tucker Sisters Coin

We adore your JW Neck Messes ūüėČ Sarah I think you started with the Hope Coin and Molly with the Love Clochette. We are so happy you have added more hearts and charms to your stack ‚Äď what drew you to each of your JW pieces?

SARAH: I loved the design of the Hope coin, but also the meaning.  I feel like I got it right when I needed an extra dose of Hope, and it is a good daily reminder.  

MOLLY: I love anything with a heart motif, but the fact that the Love Clochette is a little bell - just so cute! 

Anything FUN coming up that you want to share with the rest of the JW Girl Gang?

SARAH: ?  We're so excited for our collaboration coming up with Shop Navy Bleu!  Also traveling to Spain again together this summer is a dream.  

MOLLY: We have a few really fun collaborations in the works. Our collaboration with Shop Navy Blue is right around the corner. I'm going to meet Sarah in Spain again this summer, and we're planning on celebrating a big birthday for Sarah in Italy at the end of the year with our whole family! 

Ok a few quickfire questions…

Your go-to drink?

SARAH: Gin & Tonic with Lime 

MOLLY:  Aperol Spritz or Sauvignon Blanc

What are you binging right now?

SARAH: Shrinking is quite heartwarming , and i love the cast.  

MOLLY: Just finished the final season of Derry Girls, and currently in the middle of Shrinking. Love both!

Beach or lake or mountain?


What do you never leave home without?

SARAH: My Hope Coin (:  

MOLLY: Besides my Love Clochette? sunglasses and lip gloss 

¬†Thank you Sarah & Molly for being such fabulous muses for our SISTERS Coin ūüíď Shop our sisters coin here.

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