Jane's Dream Closet: Memorial Day Weekend

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Thank goodness we made it to Memorial Day. While everything still feels like a mess around us, Summer still means that we get to have a little fun. It’s funny, it used to be that my favorite season was Fall…but a few years ago I became a Summer person. When I worked a corporate job, Summer was so complicated. I couldn’t be with my kids when they were free from school…I always felt torn. And in the Fall there was this relief because they went back to school. So when I started Jane Winchester, one of the most wonderful side effects was that I could be with my kids in the Summer…and PLAY! And that is exactly what we do…we wake-up early and exercise, we spend all day on the lake in and out of the boat, we play tennis and we make wonderful dinners that we eat at sunset.  I love every moment of it more than you can imagine. 

This issue of my Dream Closet is everything I’m lusting after for the Memorial Day weekend routine. We will be at our house on Lake Sunapee in NH and the day starts with a family boot camp. Jogging, sprinting, sit-ups, a million burpees and not nearly enough stretching. We work out right on the dock with a view of the lake. I do not work out in a large gold JW coin – it hits me in the teeth when I’m doing squat jumps! I do wear my 10k butterfly necklace 24/7 and lucky you, it is now back in production so order now!

Next up? Swimming and boating all day. It’s casual but I LOVE swimsuits and cover-ups so I go a little wild shopping. In the past I have worn a bikini but eek at age 47 I am moving to the one-piece this Summer. Thank goodness there are a million chic options. I’m also a sucker for a great straw hat and have stacks! I do wear jewelry with my swim outfits. As you know, our Original coins are all silver plated and you are not supposed to get them wet or covered in sunscreen BUT do it anyway, we will re-plate it for you if you wear yours to death. We consider it a badge of a life well led!
For cocktails and dinner, I like to ‘get dressed’. It just feels nice to hang up the bathing suit and put something on that is easy but colorful and pulled together. I love to set the table, pick flowers and eat with the lake by our side. Can’t you literally smell the grill and taste the corn on the cob? Can’t WAIT! Everything I wear in the Summer goes with gold  and I like necklaces piled and chandelier earrings…stacks of bracelets…they all look amazing with a tan. 
Ahhh practicality. I believe that wearing a mask is one of the kindest things we can do for one another and they are a courtesy I think we owe our neighbor. So here are some cute ones to help make up for how annoying they are! What goes with a facemask? Earrings! 
xx, Jane

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