Jane's Dream Closet: Vaxxed & Relaxed

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Janie's #DreamCloset

Summer 2021 is officially…HOT GIRL SUMMER 🔥☀️🍾

I mean. Did I really just say that? Read any reputable news source – for me it’s the NY Post (jk – kind of) and you see headlines that will make you BLUSH. The world plans on having fun this summer. I am not fighting this trend 😊 although as a mom of 5 young adults I want everyone to be safe 🙄.

Nicholas Christakis, a sociologist, physician and Yale professor told the NY POST…

“Typically, if you look at centuries of plagues, there’s a party at the end,” he told The Post. “When the epidemics of the bubonic plague ended, there was dancing in the streets.”

Sign me up.

The other amazing trend is that we are burning our joggers and buying fabulous DRESSES. If I could have a new dress for every day of the year my life would be complete so as you can imagine the athleisure trend has been a challenge. So…it’s time for our Summer 2021 dream closet – VACCINE EDITION. Please wear ONLY fabulous dresses, chic but barely-functional bathing suits, heels to the beach and loads-of-jewelry.

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