Key Symbolism in Jewelry

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Keys are popping up everywhere in jewelry this fall and have really cool symbolism to make them more interesting. Vogue Paris reported it first after the Fall 2017 runway shows noting Marc Jacobs and Balenciaga showing keys in jewelry accessories (link to their coverage here). 

Any jewelry that has symbolism behind it – which so much jewelry does – makes it more interesting, more of a collector’s piece and more meaningful to the wearer. Keys and locks are often used together to represent freedom and my favorite, a key and a heart for unlocking LOVE!

Keys represent knowledge and success and a key charm is a good gift for milestone birthdays – a key to ‘moving on’ to the next phase, opening door to a successful future.

More symbolism and meaning of keys here (link).

When I think of keys in fine jewelry, there is WONDERFUL vintage around, especially charms. Look here and here. 

For a modern interpretation, Tiffany launched a collection years ago that is stunning (click here to see them all) . Photograph on right of a favorite featuring a heart and diamonds!

As Vogue foresaw, the runway shows that featured keys have lead to lots of keys in the market at all price points. Predating the Vogue ‘moment’ there is a wonderful company called The Giving Keys that we at Jane Winchester really look up to. They inspire through branded words on their keys and they employ homeless (and those in transition) to make their product. They use the phrase ‘pay it forward’ to describe their philosophy (more here). Buying one of their keys is good for you (cool look!) and good for others. We’ve included one of their keys in our top picks of trending key jewelry, below. Click to shop!

Tons of love and xx, Janie

The Giving Keys $42

Flower Key 14k at Jennifer Fisher $1500

Zoe Chicco Necklace at Neiman Marcus $275

Tory Burch Key Earring (sale) $43

Key Bracelet at Mister $65

Alex Woo Key Charm $148


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