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THE SMALL PRINT: LOVEMOM express shipping cannot be purchased combined with any other discounts. Promotion runs through Wed 5/6/2020 at 12:01PM ET. While supplies last. Code must be used with order.  We do not guarantee delivery by Mother's Day. Code valid with all orders over $200!

Diary Installment 11: an optimistic person, a small business, and a mom. This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time.

A note from Jane…

Well. You bought everything we have. Our hype on spoiling Mom’s for Mother’s Day must have worked because you all shopped like mad – and you will be happy to know that so many men shopped too. Impressive! The good news is, you are keeping Jane Winchester in business during this crazy time. The bad news, we are sold out of some pieces. NOT having what you want gives me a complete heart attack so here is what we are doing:
  1. WOWWWW do we have our new factories in Rhode Island burning the midnight oil. Always with safety first, we are ramping up production wherever we can. Please know we are working as fast as we can to make more and to bring JOBS to people that need work. This is such a good thing!
  2. We have a new section on the homepage of the site with our favorite product picks that are in-stock. So if you are having a jewelry emergency – which honestly we have all the time – you are in luck. This is the cheat sheet on some of our most popular items that we can ship immediately, click here to take a peek.
  3. You can preorder to save the piece you want! We had a button that allowed sign-up to be emailed when product came in which we have UPDATED so that you can buy what you want and we will ship it in 3 weeks or when it comes in (hopefully sooner!). So pre-order – it will guarantee you get it when it comes in.
  4. We have NEW DROPS coming every week. Yes, we have new product that will drop Monday mornings – and listen – it will go fast. Isn’t that fun! Since you get email, you will be the first to know. We will email the new drop and hold on sharing on Instagram so you have the first chance to see everything. Because you are our favorites 😊. It may not happen every Monday but it IS happening this Monday May 11th.

So it’s been a busy week and we love it. I think the part that means the most, is that you all are connecting to Jane Winchester because it actually means something to you – the meaning and thought behind the coins are connecting.

It’s pretty incredible to have business be so busy because the news is too depressing for me to watch right now! We went to a car parade for my daughter’s college acceptance day…the kids decorated cars and drove around the campus with signs, heads out the top of the sunroof with music blaring and parents and teachers cheering. Police and fire truck escorts! It was so joyous and the second it was over we all burst into tears. I mean – really burst into tears. I know we would have this same emotion with kids graduation and moving on, so I can’t quite tell if we would be crying anyway?

In other wonderful news, we gave 250 meals last week through Philabundance, and we made an even bigger donation to Together We Rise to help kids from the foster care system who have gone to college and now are displaced. They sent us this quote:

“I could’ve been stranded in the city without a place to stay or food. Thank you Together We Rise for helping me get outta New York and getting me an Airbnb. It is scary not having anyone to count on when things get tough. Thank you for caring and treating me with kindness.”

SO .. we balance the good, with the challenging, with the depressing, with the sad…back around to the good. Thank you for shopping with Jane Winchester and reading this blog and being here with me while we go through this crazy time. I am looking forward to celebrating Mother’s Day with my kids and celebrating my incredible mothers with – what else – jewelry! Sending tons of love to you!

WAIT! Just to make you smile. We have gotten a lottttt of questions on when we will have a tik tok. So…I don’t know when we will have our own channel but for now here is our blended family Tik Tok to make you giggle (PS .. Doug wants everyone to know he doesn't normally wear headbands around the house 😀).
xx Jane


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