Lindsey Crafter Art Trunk Show: Artist Interview

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Jane Win is thrilled to share this series of original artwork in by Lindsey Crafter Art, offered as a collection for the first time to Jane Win Customers. This collection was inspired by one of our favorite motifs, the butterfly. We hope you will love the Butterfly Bombshell collection as much as we do ūü¶č

Lindsey Crafter Art Headshot

Lindsey! We are so thrilled to feature your fabulous work on the site this week. I am such a fan. Give us a little background on you. Where did you get your start and how did you find your signature style?

Most of my core memories involve crafts, art or creative expression. My creative energy was always fostered by my family and I had access to art classes at a really early age. After graduating high school I moved to New York to go to school for fashion design and lived/worked there for six years. My style of portraiture is rooted in a fashion illustration which was a favorite course of mine in college. Recently, after sorting through some childhood archives, I realized female portraiture has always been a subject matter I've been drawn to in all decades of my life--finding multiple faces in pastel, paper collages and marker! 

After the birth of my daughter in 2020 I had to pivot from 10 years of freelancing (every creative gig you could imagine) to something I could do at home exclusively. Although I had tried selling art for years with mediocre results, I decided to retire all my other hustles and just focus on one thing. I created a fresh instagram account (@lindseycrafterart) to bypass all the pesky algorithms and my business has thrived exponentially ever since! 

I love that you have always loved to CREATE. I've always been the same way. Where do you find the most inspiration?

As online retailers shift their editorial campaigns to social media, I'm seeing more and more images that inspire my artwork on Instagram every day. These poses, expressions and fashions are interpreted loosely into the paper artworks that I sell every day! Fashion bloggers keep my feed fresh with new fashion designers and makeup looks.

Lindsey Crafter Art

I am obsessed with art and finding new artists all the time. I can't believe I found you on Instagram! What other artists do you love from afar or collect?

I stay on Instagram for this one reason! The platform has removed some of the gatekeeping of the art industry and allowed individuals to rise on their own. One of my new Instagram favorites is a floral artist Anna Thurber. She freezes vibrant flower blooms and botanicals in ice blocks and photographs them with a macro lens. It feels otherworldly and unlike anything I've ever seen. Her website to purchase art actually has you answer questions that pair you with a piece of artwork, almost like having your aura read. Some additional favorites of mine include Ashley Longshore and Angela Chrusciaki Blehm!

Lindsey Crafter Art

You are a mom, an artist, a small business owner. How do you balance it all? Any tips???

Short answer--I don't. "Done is better than perfect" is my mantra now--aptly referring to my stay at home mom role as well as my fine art business. Initially I was hyper critical of myself for not doing it *all* and letting household things slip through the cracks, but over time as I've accomplished more I'm able to see that my priorities are just different and that's okay. LuLu's new room isn't decorated yet and her lunches are not instagrammable-- but she's one of the happiest people I know and my work lets me stay home with her which is an absolute privilege! We spend mornings doing errands, swim class and gardening outside and then when she naps I hurry down to the studio to whip out paintings and pack orders!

As you know, creative energy and ideas are finite. While I paint practically everyday, some days I've got nothing--so I use that downtime to get my house in order and take a creative hiatus. When you're dependent on your own work production it's a lot of pressure to overcome and admit when you need a break! I struggle with feeling like every spare moment needs to be used for making art especially while I feel "relevant".

My one recommendation is to invest in time saving systems and equipment sooner rather than later even if it feels like too much money. There were things I hesitated purchasing because of the size of my business that ultimately would have helped me scale it that much faster and without so many tedious processes and wasted dollars.

Summer is almost here! Tell us about your favorite summer travel spots. 

It's been a really long time since I've had a real vacation--maybe that's why I'm always painting women in tropical locales, maybe I can manifest a trip for myself! I love being in the water--I spent a good deal of my pregnancy at the lake--so anywhere I can find a float and a cocktail!

What do you have coming up and where can our customers find you?

I'm working on developing several new collections of larger works, but my everyday sketches and paintings on paper are always available on my website! I'm also hoping to expand my paper prints and apparel offerings over the Summer. I post my process and available work on my instagram @lindseycrafterart almost every day! 

Lindsey Crafter Art

Thank you to Lindsey for taking the time to chat with me! Be sure to check out her collection Butterfly Bombshell, available only on the Jane Win website.

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