Product Spotlight: Jane Win x Soko

Product Spotlight: Jane Win x Soko

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We are beyond excited to launch our collaboration with SOKO, a jewelry company that empowers artisan entrepreneurs in Kenya. It’s amazing. When I first met the CEO of SOKO I was blown away and TOUCHED by their incredible innovation that allows regional craftspeople the ability to work on larger jewelry production orders. HOW does this all happen?

SOKO uses mobile technology to connect marginalized Kenyan artisans. YES – they use their phones! They send out the designs and give the smaller craftspeople an opportunity to make parts of the order…and then bring it back to a centralized location to plate and package.

We created Jane Win designs with the SOKO team that are inspired by the meaning behind our coins.

Unlike centralized factory production, SOKO uses technology to enable the human workforce across the regions of Kenya. They believe – and so do we – that financial inclusion is the key to lasting impact and change.

Here are some incredible facts:

  • SOKO is B-Corp Certified.
  • Their technology organizes 2,300+ independent artisans in 282 workshops throughout Kenya.
  • Artisans working with SOKO earn 5X’s more than at an average artisan workshop.
  • There are approximately 11,400 beneficiaries of revenue generated from sales. They improve artisan business and safety practices, skill development and quality through training.

By purchasing a Jane Win x SOKO, you are helping to bridge economic, cultural, and geographic divides, creating a more sustainable future for communities worldwide.

As you know at Jane Win we focus our charitable giving on education. Our favorite story coming out of our collaboration with SOKO, is that when the regional artisans are given the opportunity to work on jewelry through SOKO, and they make 5x more…they use this extra money to buy uniforms for their children to go to school. You have to have the uniform and you have to get the kids to the school – and this money that they earn helps that happen.

Jewelry. Inspired by the meaning behind each Jane Win piece. Made by incredible artisans in Kenya. Giving them the opportunity to make a higher income. That changes their lives. And changes the world.

This new collection is made up of four gorgeous products - and the images of them being made are AMAZING.

Jane Win x Soko FOREVER Compass Rose Cuff

This substantial cuff makes a fashion statement. Brass plated in gold, this piece is stamped on the front center with the JW compass from our Original FOREVER coin, the word FOREVER stamped on the inside.

The meaning behind our FOREVER collection:

Forever find your way home to me - forever my friend, forever finding the true North to your life. This piece is an emblem for finding your way when lost and the certainty that you will end up in the right place. Life is full of choices, roads less traveled and bumps along the way. What is meant to be, gets a little help from the firm belief that you will find your way to happiness and home.


Jane Win x SOKO Message Cuff - Forever & Lucky

This cuff has a little reminder built in. Brass plated in gold, this piece is stamped on the front center with your choice of word:

A beautiful piece that exudes love and meaning. Whether as a reminder for yourself or someone you love…to find your way home, to make your own luck, or that you are watched over and protected ♥


Jane Win x SOKO Coin & Horn Earring

With a coin on top and a horn crescent, this earring brings our Jane Win logo to life. A star and rays evoke positivity and the naturally sourced horn crescent a symbol of what is to come. Easily worn every-day to bring a little light to your zoom calls ☀


We are so excited to share the talent of these amazing craftspeople with you!!

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