A Note from Jane: Pandemic Fatigue

A Note from Jane: Pandemic Fatigue

Posted by Jane PARADIS on

Diary Installment 19:  An optimistic person, a small business, and a mom.  This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time.

Friends! I have missed writing you. It feels SO NATURAL to be writing you a blog again. I think I got a little ‘accustomed’ to Covid time and didn’t feel like I needed to write as much – which is wrong.

The election is next week. My kids have gone to school and are making their way through the Covid reality of high school and college. I have been in the TRENCHES working on delivering new Jane Win product – wowwww it’s been a wild ride, more on that in a second.

I just got a news alert on my phone from WSJ saying we are suffering from ‘pandemic fatigue’, and I almost threw my phone. Hmmm. Do you think so?!?!? The world is experiencing a collective exhaustion. The word EXHAUSTION is the ultimate description:

Definition #1: A state of extreme physical or mental fatigue.

Definition #2: The action or state of using something or being used up completely.

For a moment, can you imagine how the health care workers feel? I actually can’t. I am working my buns off to get jewelry made. Seems silly doesn’t it? When I remember to get out of my own head – I know that I have it ‘easy’.

BUT FOR A MOMENT let me give you a glimpse into what is going on the in the world of jewelry and my life because it will be entertaining.

Things that make me want to drink wine:

  1. The holiday season is a giant question mark. Is it going to be crazy? Will we not be able to get anything from any store we love because everything is sold out? Will we be trapped at home all winter in the dark with no family and friends because Covid is spiking?  Literally…What. Is. Going. To. Happen? The unknowing is making me crazy…I guess it’s just going to take a little time to see what our reality will be.
  2. One of my favorite factories…one that I have worked with since the beginning of Jane Win (they made our first product ever) called me out of the blue to say that can’t make any more for Jane Win. It’s kind of good news in that our business is growing so quickly they can’t handle our production, but it’s also COVID making it all a mess. YES we have other factories, but I am loyal and I really wanted to make my company grow with them. After I spoke with the company owner I literally drank a bottle of wine and then had dreams I was being sucked into a sink hole. Healthy! I have production coming from 5 different places now and the quality is increasing…I guess it will just take a little time for me to get over the loss of this factory who felt like friends.

Things that make me want to go running and have a salad for dinner and NOT drink wine for breakfast:

  1. I started seeing a health coach and it is going WELL. I mean. I am really trying. Eating smaller meals, eating more greens. Not eating after dinner. The result. 1 pound – WHATTTTT?!?! LOL all joking aside I feel better and I LOVE chatting with my coach. I think it’s just going to take a little time.
  2. In some REALLY good news – we have the most gorgeous pieces coming for the holidays. Like – my favorite things we have ever made. We are going to introduce them over time…little treats through the holiday to keep you excited! One note on the holidays shopping which I will get into more, if you see something you love, buy it. Do not wait. Time will not be on your side and we will sell out.
  3. We are launching in some REALLY chic and cool stores that honestly I have only dreamt of being in. We have exclusive product that will arrive at Goop soon. The momentum of the brand feels really good. STAY TUNED, we will share all the secrets in time.

So that’s a jumbled pile of GREAT and messy and bad. As I mentioned above, this is going to be a crazy holiday season. Jane Win has gorgeous items for the holiday and we gift wrap and ship beautifully – truly with so much care. We will sell out of things. We will hit shipping walls where we can’t get you things in time. Right now we have some things on the site that are marked as sold out and ask you to give your email to be notified when back in stock. Use that button and let us know if you want it – an email will go straight to you the second it is back. AND IT WILL BE BACK in time for holiday shipping. If it won’t be we won’t take your email. WE HAVE YOUR BACK! We will be working like mad elves to get you everything you need – we will write the notes if you can’t be with your loved ones – we will make sure it gets there…it is my greatest pleasure to help gifts to be given!

  1. Shoot did I cover it all since my last diary entry? Recap: I have covid exhaustion. So does the entire world. But I’m still lucky. Lucky there is plenty of red wine. VOTE. Shop early. Know that time will heal this mess and maybe jewelry is the best answer 😊. Sending tons and tons of love, Janie

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