OPEN SHOWROOM, Infinity Jewelry Welding, and Peter Strid Art Show

 We are delighted to welcome you to an OPEN SHOWROOM EVENT featuring art from our favorite Peter Strid and our Infinity Collection of welded permanent jewelry on October 27th. Appointments required (ONLY FOR THE WELDING) but limited. Each appointment is for 1-2 people, please let us know if you are coming alone or bringing a friend! Prices range from $198-$398.

What is the Jane Win Infinity Collection all about? Have you ever heard of tying a string around your finger so you don’t forget? Let’s try that in 14k gold! The new Jane Win Infinity Collection is your reminder of what you hold closest. A friend, a lover, a goal, a milestone moment. Choose a bracelet or a short necklace, a simple chain or add a heart charm. Meant to be layered with your Jane Win coins and charms and offered only at VIP Jane Win events, your JW Infinity piece has no removable clasp. Our jeweler will secure the chain with a small jump ring that is welded to itself and closed using a laser welder.

Reserve a 15-minute appointment to choose your piece and have it welded. To keep appointments running smoothly, we have a few requirements.

  1. Appointments are 15 minutes, please arrive at least 10 minutes early.
  2. Bringing a friend? Each appointment slot can be for 2 people, please let us know in the ‘notes’ section when booking if you have a friend joining you.
  3. All appointments must be made 24 hours in advance. Spaces are limited, so please be courteous and let us know if you cannot make it so we can open the spot for someone else.

Please CONTACT us with any questions.

We can’t wait to see you ❤️

 NOTE:  You only need an appointment for the welding. Open SHOWROOM shopping is open to all.  See what's new that you will see HERE.