Mother's Day Gift Guide from Jane Winchester

List of all time favorite things? Creating jewelry. Finding fabulous product for gift guides. Being a Mom. SOOOO the idea of combo-ing them all together is reason to celebrate 😊. I have talked about Valentine’s Day being my favorite holiday because of all that love – but for Jane Winchester, Mothers Day is very personal. We love celebrating relationships and connections and a memorable, meaningful jewelry is a wonderful way to show someone how much you care. So obviously you should shop our JOY collection designed just for Mom’s. here are the words that accompany each JOY piece: 

This coin pendant is a touchstone to celebrate children and bring luck to those who want children in their lives. The design is a stylized cast of three hollyhock leaves meeting in the middle. Hollyhocks are a symbol of fertility and bring positive energy to all those who have children they love, and even more so – to those who want to have a child. 

We have also created a line of 14k and hand carved flowers – special additional to our JOY collection designed to add flowers for spring…and honor the classic gift for mother’s day of beautiful spring blooms. Shop the gorgeous new additions for something very unique for mom… 

Of course, there is so much more.  

When we looked around, so many of our favorite female led companies are being run by moms – so we decided to ask our friends what they loved from their own brands – what they would choose for themselves or their mom friends. Here’s the perfect edit on Mother’s Day gift ideas from women we respect in our industry. I mean honestly, mom knows best 😊. 

The Perfect Gifts for Moms

Fashionable active wear? WE HAVE YOU COVERED. From our favorite new Mom, Marguerite Adzick of Addison Bay, the chicest high waisted work-out pant.

Recently on our trip to Hawaii I was lucky enough to travel with our new favorite person Julz Valiante of Valiante clothing. She makes the chicest resort wear. I wore a different dress everyday so it’s impossible to choose my favorite, but this new pale pink dress wins. Side note: when traveling across the country away from your kids, it makes it a lot more fun to have another down-to-earth, funny mom who loves Mai Tai’s - I am very lucky to have found that!  

We met on Instagram 😊 but our mutual love of jewelry is what keeps us together! If you are in Westport CT please visit our favorite jewelry boutique Monarch…and if not just click through to her website. This pic is a bit extravagant – but we are determined to have this stack! Love mixing sizes of beads and gold and rose gold.

More for Mom (or for you :-) )

Straight from Atlanta, this chic modern gallery owned by Gregg Irby has some original works of art that are an incredible mother’s day gifts. This appropriately named ‘fuchsia smooch’ is a reasonably priced art option that mom will adore:.

Have to say…little intimidated by the good taste factor of our friend Meredith Melling Driscoll but her line La Ligne makes it easy to fit in with the nyc set 😊. And the fact that she loves her JW full heart pendant give us just a bit more confidence! All that and…who doesn’t love a great stripe. The must have sweater for cooler spring days and summer nights.

When we traveled to Dallas and Fort Worth we feel in love with the custom fashion pieces from Double R. This ruffle shirt is a favorite, call for more info: 214-360-7723  

For the Chicest Moms

One of our favorite jewelry stores from the left coast – who is so good to Jane Winchester and represents us to the Cali crowd, has a second favorite line (wink wink) that layers so nicely with JW coins. Check out these cool locks from Ponte Vecchio Gioilli.

FAVORITE city. FAVORITE store. FAVORITE store staff. FAVORITE designers. Austin, By George, Mary & Crew, Ulla Johnson! Seriously I think most mom’s would be so proud of their kids taste for getting them something from Ulla Johnson – I know I would! I tried this dress on when I was in Austin and I have been lusting after it ever since, By George at Farfetch.

When we first started JW this incredible spirit Katie Kime hosted us for a trunk show – just to support a new woman in biz. Seriously – she shows us all how it’s done. For mother’s day her pj’s are a must, especially monogrammed with mom’s initials! 

Mom's Rule

Friend. Neighbor. Local Artist. All around funny person. Supporting Hathaway Hutton us easy. You may need put your order in for next years painting because this girl is in demand!

I LOVE this product and want to get it for everyone I know. I look forward to using it every night. I was introduced through a customer of JW who became an Instagram friend @anniebeautychic - she sent me a goodie bag of items from beauty counter and I was instantly hooked on this yummy citrus-scented oil. I had never used oil on my face before and was scared of it – and now I am completely devoted. It has brightened my skin. It works. I love it. Great gift for a 40-something mom! 

“Her day starts with a coffee and ends with a wine…” lyrics from one of my fav country songs. And that’s a fact. Coffee and wine are like – really vital parts of motherhood 😊. For the coffee, nothing beats a MUG that makes your morning feel like it has purpose. I have this one already but want to get for all my mom-friends. 

AND for the PM -- Wine? I’m pretty into the Scout & Cellar concept. I have gone to a couple events where it was sold and I ordered cases of rose I have loved. Clean wine. Brought to you be a female founder who is helping other women get in on the biz.

If you are looking for more great lists with gift ideas check out our friend @theenglishroom and @rankandstyle – they both have incredible taste!