A note from Jane - 4.30 - Number 10???

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Diary Installment 10: an optimistic person, a small business, and a mom. This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time.

A note from Jane…

Wait. Diary installment number 10. TEN. I feel a bit naive because I never thought this would go on this long.

While my mindset can still go back and forth between sad and thankful and happy; we have settled in. I have a routine and that involves leaving the house to go to my office (I’m alone there) to work and pack orders from around 9-2ish. Orders have been coming in (thank you!) so I have a lot of packing to do. Since I have no help (my coordinator and part time packer are working from home), I spend a little time with every order. I print the packing slip and label, I look for special notes that you have included – like when it’s a gift, and I need to add wrapping and a gift message. I write notes to each person who orders. I pair the pendant with the chain, put in our adorable green pouch with the card that explains the piece. Place it in the box, tie the box, wrap in tissue, and into our printed shipping box. Pop on the label and tape closed. It takes about 5 minutes per order and – I LOVE IT. Why?

First and foremost I get to see what people love. I see trends in what people are shopping for. The Protect coin was a biggie. The hearts have been a huge hit. For Mother’s Day, I have been writing the most thoughtful notes to mom’s from their daughters (they do much of the ordering but sign for the whole family) 😊.
Sometimes the notes bring me to tears. And I love it when people are shopping for themselves. So many of you send me a DM, or I see your name on social media and there is a little happy dance when you order.

The other reason I love it is because it’s a very thoughtful time. I think about the jewelry and what I want to design next. I have been listening to podcasts non-stop. My two favorites are the Glossy Podcast, where Jill Manoff (love her!) interviews fashion leaders. Since the pandemic, she has been interviewing brand leaders on how they are adapting their companies during this time – and I learn so much. My other favorite is ‘How I Built This’ by Guy Raz. He too has been interviewing business owners on how they are reacting during the pandemic, and one recent interview set a switch off in my head. Guy interviewed Simon Sinek (I am already a huge fan of his, he wrote “Start with Why”). When Simon was asked what he thought or hoped would come as a result of the international crisis, he talked about a call to service. The meaning of service, is a willingness to sacrifice for others. For the first time for all of us, we can relate to everyone on the planet. We can connect to every human because we have had a shared hardship. We are united – for the first time. And as a group, we need to relearn service and what it means – RIGHT NOW – to sacrifice for others.

This podcast is a great listen: 

During my hours of packing, I was thinking about how I can help, how I can be of service. I know we are all having the same thoughts. A couple weeks ago, as a result of a call to service, I started posting an American flag image each Sunday with a charity we are supporting. The first one? In my backyard the local super-food pantry Philabundance. And with our first post and a portion of sales, we have been able to donate 32 boxes of food. Each box feeds a family of 4 two meals. In essence, we gave 256 meals. From a week of sales of one product line (lucky). This week we are donating to Together We Rise. Our donations will go towards college aged kids from the foster care system who are displaced with colleges closing. How much can we give this week? I am determined to beat the value of last weeks donation, and if we can’t do it from sales I will make up the rest personally. I want to feel like to am giving enough – and I currently don’t feel as though I am scarifying enough for others. I want to change that. AND I want to keep making beautiful jewelry that delights you 😊 
and I want to keep packing boxes!
It’s almost MOTHER’S DAY so it’s time to get on it. Being a Mom is the ultimate act of service…and it is my favorite job…even more than designing jewelry and packing boxes! I hope that this time teaches my girls to sacrifice for others and to be patient. Although this is a horrible time, I know that we will learn form it, and we are closer for it. More to come on Mother’s Day, but here’s a pic of my family at the launch of Jane Winchester…a company that is bringing my incredible joy and I HOPE will be around for years of service to come.
And just for fun…a sneak peek at some new SPECTACULAR new 14k coins we just popped onto our site, inspired by our Originals but with a lot more bling 😊.

xx Jane

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