An update from Jane - Mother's Day and a Note from Jane 4.23.2020

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Diary Installment 9: an optimistic person, a small business, and a mom. This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time.

A note from Jane…

Hi everyone. Sooooo are we on week 6 here? It is so funny how one adapts. I cannot imagine NOT wearing a mask in public. What will happen as things relax…or will they ever? Maybe I won’t need a facelift because my days will be spent behind a mask. (stupid joke about a serious subject. Sorry).

Mother’s Day. Well, it is basically NOW and shipping is a giant question mark on reliability so shop immediately so you get everything in time. As you know I love doing gift guides and when you shop the links we get a referral payment. It is a way for us to support other brands, show you cool things we love, and make a little revenue to keep Jane Winchester in the black! Here is a peek but please click through to the blog to shop:

PS: Jane Winchester IS shipping on schedule so if it is in stock, grab it and we will get your package out within 24 hours. OK back to my diary! How are you? People ask me all the time – how are you? And everyone’s answer around me, here in a less populated, less infected area is…I’m ok. We are abiding by all the rules and feel like that is our way of doing our part. I KNOW it is different other places where this pandemic is hitting closer to home. It has been said a million times and it should be said a million more – all honor goes to those who are on the front lines.

I am ok, but I am also very sensitive (on every level). I can be elated over a package coming from Amazon. I can start to cry watching a family take a walk with masks on. One thing that keeps hitting my emotions hard are the essential workers who are getting sick in the pandemic. I get very emotional when grocery shopping (less than once a week now) and have complete adoration for the people working in our local Acme. I had a dream (literally in the middle of the night) about making signs for the local Acme workers and in my dream, I was painting banners and putting them outside of the store in the parking lot. I woke up and texted two friends about it who thought I was nuts. I just can’t shake that I want them to know how thankful we are so I had signs MADE with Vistaprint. I appreciate their work and it is an incredibly under-appreciated job. They never asked to be a lifeline for so many, and now they are literally risking their health for others.

In other news that was an emotional high, we got our first shipment of coins from a factory in Rhode Island. Our NYC factories (our main day-to-day production) are still closed and we had to act FAST to get product to keep our inventory up. I worked with a factory that I know; they have done good work for JW but I had gotten a bit lazy and was only producing in NYC. We are (I am) so focused on quality and honestly not every factory can do what we want. It all comes down to the finish of the coins with the high polish and the sandblast look – it takes a lot of time and skill. This RI factory got a batch of coins done, hooray; the next hurdle is plating. Also done in RI, the plater is working half-shifts, so people stay farther apart (so plating times are doubled). When the package arrived, I was soooo nervous, but everything was perfect. PHEW. As you know our PROTECT Original Coin is now back in stock, with our small PROTECT coins and FULL HEARTS are coming in next week. We are picking up the pieces and making some progress!

Having production under control is important because you all are ordering jewelry like MAD. It’s amazing and I love you so much. I think our customers love the meaning and especially now it is resonating. We sold out of the new flower necklaces in hours. I am sorry. I did not expect them to go that quickly and I think it’s a bit of a tease to sell out that fast so please bear with me, we are making more as we speak. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come. NEW EARRINGS – with the LOVE coin motif and beautiful big pearls. I adore them and cannot wait for you to see them - launching Monday. The best part? We have done a 2020 version of our FOREVER coin just for graduates. I wasn’t sure if we could get it done in time and we will – so your graduate can have a little something special to make up for a cancelled or weird digital graduation 😊.


So I guess, I am doing better than fine. I’m good! Emotional but good…and if you see a sign outside your grocery store – that was me. Please take care of yourself and your neighbor…stay home, stay healthy and stay sane. Sending tons of love, Janie

Sending tons of love,

xx Jane

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