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It is with immense JOY that we introduce our newest coin, Faith. As many of you know, we normally launch a new coin with the new year on January 1st….last year is was Balance, the year before it was HOPE…designs and words that we felt were ‘needed’ during those coming years. This year, with the celebration of our 5th birthday as a company – I decided to jump the gun and launch a little early to mark this wonderful occasion.

I think what strikes me most about this design and the word FAITH, is how many connections can be made to what means.  Many of you have asked for a coin to connect to your religious beliefs, and this coin absolutely does that. In such a lovely way, this coin to me is more than that – it can hold a very personal meaning to the wearer for their individual definition of the word. As we say on the card that is inserted:

Jane Win FAITH Coin

I have personally leaned into faith in different ways in my life. When my kids were young I taught Sunday school at our church and LOVED sharing the stories and love of faith with pre-k children, it was a wonder. When I married Mr. Jane Win and was introduced to the Jewish faith, I marveled at the incredibly supportive and caring community. When I started Jane Win I had to instill so much faith in myself, that we could build something special. Today, I think of faith as a belief in my fellow man, in my neighbors, in my family – to see the good, to be the good in the world.

This coin is meant for everyone – and as with all of our pieces – you bring the meaning to life. If you want it to be a touchpoint to your religion, if you want it to be a physical reminder of the faith you have in yourself or if you want to gift it to someone you adore as a reminder to ‘have faith’ that all will end up as it should.

Happy holidays and happy 5th birthday to Jane Win. We have so much faith in the future ♥

xx Janie


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