Press Highlight: Philadelphia Business Journal

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Jane Win in the Philadelphia Business Journal - WHAAAT! Jane Win is a month away from celebrating 5 years in business - can you believe it?!? While I know this is a true ‘business piece’ written by the lovely Lisa Dukart this article feels more like a moment of gratitude. We aren’t quite five yet BUT- 5 years ago I didn’t have samples (we literally picked them up on launch day 12/5/17), I had no paycheck, no team, no office. I did have a strategy and that is what Lisa and I spoke about most. The strategy was to create coin jewelry with meaning, to truly connect with people, to have fun ❤️ and to build a profitable business (you have to be profitable to keep going!). Things are going well and there is so much more to come. Thank you for supporting us along this ride, I am forever grateful for this life.

Read the full article here.

Jane Win Philadelphia Business Journal

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