Press Highlight: Shoutout Dallas - Meet Jane Winchester Paradis Jane Win Jewelry Founder

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It's no secret that we adore Texas... We even have a Destination Coin dedicated to it 😉 It was so much fun to sit down with Shoutout DFW to chat all things Jane Win and Dallas favorites. Thank you Shoutout DFW - and read the full article here.

Jane Winchester Paradis Shoutout Dallas Fort Worth

A few excerpts below...

Can you give our readers an introduction to your business? Maybe you can share a bit about what you do and what sets you apart from others?
I am so proud of Jane Win’s core values. We started the company day ONE with a foundation of values that we hold really close – that I think about daily as we grow. If it’s ok I’ll just list them all because even though they are in order, together they make essence of who we are…

We make beautiful things that embody strength and positivity.

We are not afraid to be ourselves. We are happy, have fun and celebrate a little irreverence.

We are humble. We embrace individuality. We treat everyone (customers, employees and vendors) with respect. We take the time to do things right.

We run a modern, visionary business. We create and adapt innovative strategies to build a strong company that delivers a special experience to our consumers. We surpass expectations.

We share. When the company succeeds, we share in our good fortune.

Our team is a group of dynamic, funny, down-to-earth people that I love working with every day. I think we are very goal oriented and we are straight shooters. We spend the time writing our yearly business plan and sales goals – and we do that as a team so we are all invested in the success. When things don’t go our way we recognize it, we talk about it and learn from it…and then we move on. You have to make mistakes – if we aren’t making mistakes then we aren’t trying enough stuff. I actually love mistakes; I love when things are a challenge – when you really have to work for it.

If you had a friend visiting you, what are some of the local spots you’d want to take them around to?
Oh my gosh I love this question! I have to say that Highland Park Village is where I work AND play. If I am hosting in Dallas, we start with a walk on SMU’s stunning campus and then straight to Sadelle’s for a bite. I could spend hours shopping at MARKET (where you can shop Jane Win and so many other fabulous lines). I always take a peek at LA LIGNE NYC right next door to Market- best sweaters and dresses that you will want to wear every single day. Then we have a late lunch and if I am being honest, an afternoon cocktail, next door at Honor Bar. In the evening, a slow dinner at Park House. Rose and ranch water required.

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