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OCTOBER. Whattttt. Yes it is October and I have the holidays on my mind – just to completely throw you for a loop 😜. I have to do a little rewind because everyone I see says ‘oh my gosh Janie you have been on the move” and YES – September was nonstop and so worth recapping. And PS this email is filled with sneak peeks!

Jane win fall

First: ITALY!

No need to say it because you already know Italy is my favorite place. Normally I would be south in Amalfi, but for the first time we attended a GOLD SHOW outside Venice. The good news is that Mr. Jane Win had biz in Rome so he flew there, I flew to Venice…and then we met in Florence for an adventure. The ‘gold show’, as I like to call it – it is really a jewelry manufacturing show – was off the charts amazing. There was everything from finished jewelry to chains and clasps – some incredible factories from India, Italy and Turkey. It was heaven. If you saw my stories you know I am VERY excited about these new carved onyx earrings that we worked on with a new factory in Naples, Italy. REASON TO KEEP VISITING! These are not online yet but here’s a sneak peek:

Jane Win Black Onyx Earrings

After the show, Rachel and I went to Florence for inspiration and loads of pasta, wine and walking. We slowly perused the Ponte Vecchio which is lined with jewelry stores. It is so important to me, to Rachel, and to our brand to keep pushing OUT – to see new and historic things to keep our brains in a very creative space. I know from my years in design that you can get focused down and “in” - on your computer looking at trends and building Pinterest boards…but all pictures. I want to be inspired by LIFE. So that is just what we did.

From there, Mr. Jane Win drove me around Tuscany and we explored vineyards and farms and walled towns so small they only had one restaurant. The weather was perfect and as usually, we just fell more in love with the beautiful country of Italy.

Side note, and I have not talked about this at all. When I was in Italy the worst (I mean really worst worst) thing happened. A shipment of our ENTIRE October delivery of product was stolen. So much jewelry it makes me cry. And for us, as a small business – it just hits hard. BUT, we rise above, we are remaking the pieces and we shuffled the product launches so you still have wonderful pieces launching every week. On that note, next week we launch a Forget Me Not bow collection that I had planned for November, but lucky you it’s coming early and I know it will sell out, here’s a sneak peek:

Jane Win Bows

Let’s not talk about that any more I think I still have ptsd and I am still hoping the box shows up! Once I got back from Italy we packed up our jetlag 😐 and went to Dallas. Rachel, Emily and I met up with our favorite striped brand La Ligne and hosted a lunch with the chicest store in Highland Park Village, Market. The table was beautiful and all of the women that came – fashionable influencers, editors and entrepreneurs - they just knocked our socks off. 

From there I flew to University of Michigan parents weekend, the next weekend I was visiting Sabrina in Atlanta and then Tiki at Clemson. Lots of football!

AND in-between there we hosted the COOLEST dinner here on the main line with some local friends, influencers and press to celebrate our trunk show with Meredith Melling from La Ligne. The trunk show was a gianttttttt hit – wow main line/philly you always always SHOW UP for us and we would not love and appreciate you more. Thank you. Here is a pic, I did the flowers from weeds and bushes in my yard…it’s my calling (pictured in the middle!).

Jane Win Fall recap

And that brings me to CHRISTMAS. This Monday we shot our holiday campaign with the coolest stylist and photographer everrrrrr. We really ‘invested’ in the photoshoot in hopes of creating beautiful images of all the gorgeous jewelry that is perfect for gift giving. Take a look below.

Jane Win fall 2022

OH and we also had a sale. Which was incredible – wow you all really jumped in and planned ahead for the holidays, thank you! As you know we really do not have a lot of sales and here is why. We want to stick around and deliver beautiful jewelry to you for years to come. Gold, silver, stones, hand-finishing…it’s expensive. I review every cost and work to price things in a really fair way. That pricing doesn’t have a ton of padding in it for sales. The ying to that yang is that we do LOVE to give you gift with purchases and the holiday time is filled with some really special gifts for you when you shop. Our goal is to create very unique jewelry that you are so proud to gift, to wrap it up so it feels special, and be a reliable destination for you for presents for your favorite people (and of course YOURSELF).

Well that was quite the download. I hope you are as excited for fall and holiday as we are – it’s such a wonderful time to reconnect, dress-up and gift! If you have any thought or requests please write me! Reply to this email, send a dm or email customercare@janewin.com         

Sending tons of love,  xx Janie

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