A Note from Jane: Summer is in Full Swing

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A Note from Jane

Summer is in full swing, and YES, it’s been a little wet. I’m going to ignore that fact and focus on the positive. Some of my goals this summer were to scroll less, read more, draw more, play more. I have not been perfect 😐 but I am showing promise. I would give myself a C- in scrolling less. B+ in reading more. F in drawing. A in playing…specifically I’ve been playing a lot more tennis and loving it.

Last week I had the absolute pleasure of a quick one-night get-away to Nantucket with Mr. Jane Win with the sole purpose of a dinner party with friends to celebrate the launch of Grey Malin’s new book COASTAL.

We left at the crack of dawn for Boston and hopped a Cape Air flight to ACK. When you check in to this 8-seater (tinyyyyyyy) plane they ask you for your weight, and then they weigh all your bags. I did NOT lie about my weight 😅. When we got out on the tarmac the gal looked and me and said, “Mrs. Paradis would you be our co-pilot today?”

I looked up AGHAST, and while every bone in my body said to run, I politely said “yes of course”, and jumped into (what felt like) the pilot’s lap. I had working controls all around me and bile in my throat. I had to have a little moment with myself…the choices were to freak out…which I could have so easily let myself do. I am afraid of heights. I hate turbulence. I am a person who used to be a VERY scared flyer who now goes into some kind of trance to avoid the panic. I think this comes from flying with my mother when I was a kid – she would down a few vodkas in the airport and grip my arm at take-off sometimes shouting “omg we are going to die”. Hmmm. This is not worth unpacking now…on with the story.

So, I had this moment with myself, and I said, Janie, you can either let the fear take over you, or you can breathe, enjoy this really cool experience and be in the moment. Somehow, I did just that. I looked out the window at take off, I marveled at the tiny plane and all the controls - and the view of Boston, turning to the ocean, turning to the shape of Nantucket Island, to a bird’s eye view of some INCREDIBLE properties…to safely landing. I am trying to do that a lot more in life, just enjoy the moment of the ride. I give myself an A+ in this situation 😘.

Once on island, Mr. Jane Win and I went to Cru for lunch, watching Wimbledon while snacking on a fish sandwich and fries. We checked into the loveliest hotel called Faraway (it’s central and gorgeous). We got ready for our party and walked over to our hostess’ LOVELY home in the harbor. Meeting Grey was such a thrill, and I loved being there with our brand friends (who are also our friend-friends) Cartolina, Neely + Chloe, Addison Bay, Tuckernuck – so many talented people celebrating another talent together. It was gorgeous.

We have had so many new, very summery pieces launch in July. The rope chain paired with the Inspiration coin is my favorite. We made a limited number of the Inspiration coins and the new shell charm, so if you have your eye on them please get them before they are gone ♥️

Inspiration Collection

I am back in New Hampshire now working remotely after our incredible SALE. I hope you had fun shopping. WOW you went crazy – I love it. THANK YOU as always for supporting Jane Win. I just got off a call where we planned all of our Holiday events and launches…the future feels so exciting. While I am looking forward to every product launch and every party, I am going to do my best to live in this moment of a summer weekend. I hope to spend some time sketching, playing tennis with Mr. Jane Win, reading in the afternoon – a study in summer to get good grades! I hope YOU are working to get an A+ in summer along with me.

Tons of love and xx, Janie

Wait! BIG PS: I just ordered new bedding for Tiki’s first apartment at Clemson and booked Sabrina’s flight back to Atlanta. UGH. While I want to live in the moment, my babies will be heading back to school soon. Before my girls go, I always buy them a little present. I have so many friends who have kids going off to college for the first time and want to give them a little piece of home to take with them. My favorite gift for this moment is our FOREVER coin, the second I read that card and these words “Forever find your way home to me” I well up with tears. Here is a link to the forever collection if you are shopping for a piece of your heart who is heading off to school.

Jane Win Forever Original coin


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