An update from Jane - Diary 3.17.2020

An update from Jane - Diary 3.17.2020

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Take Care

Diary from Jane - Wednesday March 18th:

So, this may seem weird but as we go through this time together – instead of emailing less, I have decided to write more. Communicating can bring people together in a time that is isolating and scary. I was feeling like so many things were just happening to ‘me’…and I know that’s just not true. So here we go, a start to a diary on this dangerous time and a chance to connect.

My last 36 hours:

I got a notice that one of our factories in NYC is closed. They are an important supplier and cast many of our products! I mean. I was shell shocked. I had a panic attack (for real) and it felt like everything was white and I couldn’t move. We have other factories so I will manage this but it’s a blow. All I care about is the safety of – everyone – so it’s all understood it just adds a challenge to already challenged business reality.

My sweet wonderful daughter got an email that they would not go back to school, they would not have graduation. She is a senior in high school. Not in front of her…but I started crying. I’m just so sad they are missing out on so much. It’s so hard to help the kids navigate this.

I was up 3am to 5am-ish. Anyone having the worst time sleeping?

I pulled out of my garage and ripped my side mirror off. I mean whyyyyyyyyy??

OK some good stuff. Our new office brings me so much joy. I am not sure I can AFFORD IT ANYMORE lol, but I can work here and have a bit of an escape from reality. We put up the most gorgeous wallpaper! Here’s a pic. The space is becoming so so Jane Winchester and fun and cool and what I always dreamt.

Take Care

I had ordered some of these adorable heart ring dishes – the ones we offered around the holidays. They just came in and I thought I would include one with every purchase. No minimum purchase required, just a little extra love with each order.

We have our first fulltime employee that started two weeks ago. This is major! The good news is that she’s lovely and it’s rewarding to work with someone everyday who is creative, insightful and ready to build this brand with me. And she has a puppy. That’s not why I hired her, but during this time – puppies are a huge advantage to happiness.

I took a walk tonight and was so happy to see so many families walking outside and enjoying the spring like weather. About 5 minutes later I ran by our favorite pizza place and saw through the windows chairs up on the table and a big sign for take out only. It made me so sad. So the roller coaster of emotion continues.

I got so many nice responses to Monday’s email which really lifted my spirits. I posted about the PROTECT coin and you all ordered a bunch – thank you! Business is tough and I get it, shopping is top of mind as an escape for some – and literally the farthest thing from the minds of others. We have had AWESOME support from some of our tried-and-true influencers who have been posting their fav small brands. If you don’t follow yet, please follow:








I’m in the office now working on getting new product made with a new factory and shipping out your amazing orders. Sabrina will proof-read this email for me and Tiki is doing chores like windexing the front door (lollllll if you knew her you would get how funny that is). Doug is helping me stay sane. Ummm, talk to you soon? I’ll keep up the diary 😊. Email back or dm or comment on social. I’m around to talk jewelry or life. Don’t forget: stay safe and take care of your neighbors. Sending tons of love. xxxx

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