An update from Jane - Diary 3.25.2020

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Diary Installment 4: an optimistic person – a small businesses – a mom. This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time.

I have loved getting the responses to my emails/diary entries but want to be sure I’m not being too much of a downer. I am an optimist. I swear. It’s just that the swings of emotion have been REAL. It kind of reminds me of when I got divorced and I was so sad – I wasn’t depressed, but I was sad. I could still have good times, even though I was going through a sad time. I thought that would be a good thing to layer on to the diary entries. To that and…Monday was a good day! People were in the mood to shop, and I shipped loads of boxes out; it was fun. We launched our new mixed media chain and some newer (lower) prices to some of our lucky numbers. No one seemed to care about the lower prices and just wanted to shop their favorite coins – and lots of full heart pendants.

Tuesday was not a good day for sales, very sleepy. I can’t quite get used to the flow. It’s almost addictive when you see people buying and loving what you make, and then one day – people don’t show up to the party. Ahhh, must stay calm because things always bounce back the next day. We sold out of our PROTECT coin. UGHHHHHHH I am trying to make more, and I understand why everyone wants one. I’m working with 3 different factories to get them back in asap but the fact that NYC is closed is makings things so hard. So so so hard. But we will figure it out. And then. We cleaned toilets. Not to be high maintenance but we do have some occasional help around the house, or we used to. I watched a video on how to clean toilets. PLEASE DO NOT JUDGE ME, I have cleaned plenty of toilets, but I don’t think anyone ever taught ME, so I taught the girls and we are each now in charge of a bathroom in the house. Glamorous quarantine jewelry designer stuff 😊.

Some fun things? I got a soldering MACHINE and we are finishing jewelry in house. LIKE with a baby blow torch. Listen, I am a jewelry designer I have done this before but…I have a bunch of butane and may or may not blow something up by mistake.

We got our beautiful printed gift boxes from China. This is important: much of China’s factories seem to be up and running. It is not my goal to move my production overseas, but we do want to make product where we can. It is a good sign that their factories are working!
I gave blood. It was a piece of cake. I think they key is scheduling a time with the Red Cross so you don’t have to wait, the number is 1800-435-7669. I was worried about virus germs everywhere, but I was incredibly careful with wipes and sanitizer and hand washing etc etc. I feel like I did the right thing.

And to round it all out? Doug and I rarely fight but we did have some tough stuff come up this week with the kids and not seeing friends – it was hard. I am sure we are not the only ones having ‘stuff’ come up about this and layering in a blended family makes it MORE. I don’t have the answers.

AND because I didn’t have the answers I turned to wine. Which is not the right move for me 😊. I woke up yesterday morning and thought, I’m slipping into drinking wine on weeknights and that can bring down my overall mood. For me (and everyone reacts differently), wine is a depressant. I need a balance of light wine consumption (because I do enjoy it in moderation!) and exercise to keep me on the sunnier side. When you add in the virus-stress, home quarantine and trying to keep my business afloat – it’s better safe that sorry. I’m recognizing I need to be a bit more careful so I can stay positive and not get pulled down. Having a beer instead tonight!

It’s been 2 days since my last diary entry and I think I really made it count in the high to low category. I woke up at 5am worried about our high school seniors being sad through their senior spring, only to go to college and have the virus follow them there and ruin their freshman year. I knowwwwww there are so many people feeling these swings, and I honestly can’t believe we are going to be like this for so long. BUT – so long or so short? In the grand scheme of things if we can beat this in months isn’t that not a long time?

Sending tons of love and wishes for health,

xx Janie

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