An update from Jane - Diary 3.23.2020

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Our third installment of my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community...sticking together through this unimaginable time.

A short note today because I sent a long one Saturday – to which you sent so many awesome responses…thank you. We had a good weekend. People seem to be connecting with what we create…looking for touchstones in these times – which makes me beyond happy.

This weekend I tried to disconnect a bit and was relatively successful. I walked for 2 hours each day with friends and was very careful to stay 6 feet apart. It can be done! We had incredible conversations about business and life. I walked with a dear friend who is a senior executive at a big fashion brand dealing with the same issues as our little brand and a best friend who was struggling to keep kids occupied and herself from going insane.

One thing that is on my mind is how to give back and help those who are getting hit harder than we are. I am not able to give a percent of sales or donate a chunk of money but there are things I can do. As I mentioned, I am giving blood. EEK this makes me nervous, but the news says hospitals are in desperate need, and I am a universal donor. I called the Red Cross and made an appointment; I will let you know how it goes. Also, I am paying some of the people that help around our house even though we aren’t having them come in to work. I have hired someone who is out of work from their normal job to detail my car. LOL I am sooo not the type of person that gets their car detailed (my ford explorer with the side mirror hanging off doesn’t deserve the luxury) but this is an honest hardworking person trying to make money – and I support that a million percent. Both of our neighbors are elderly and whenever we go to the grocery store, we text them and pick up what they need. I’m happy to say they are taking us up on it.

It’s funny, I ‘play’ an extrovert for my job…but I am truly an introvert, and I am FIIIINE spending days living the quiet life. So a weekend filled with walks and cooking was delightful. I am starting to tell myself that this is going to be going on for a couple months. So that I feel like I am working towards a goal of sorts…make it till Memorial Day. What I’m starting to think is…Can we not only make it; can we make it fun and successful? Feels like hope.

xx Jane Win

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