An update from Jane - Diary 4.13.2020

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Diary Installment 8: an optimistic person, a small business, and a mom. This is my diary of sharing, in hopes that we create a sense of community and stick together through this unimaginable time.

A note from Jane…

What did I even write about last? These days are becoming a BLUR.

I love the new Instatquote:

There is no longer AM or PM, there is just ‘coffee time’ or ‘wine time’. TRUTH!

We had Passover. I had too much wine. My quarantine is being sponsored by Scout & Cellar – they deliver cases of low sugar wine and I don’t get headaches. So, I have to be happy for that. Last Monday we changed the price of some of our most special hearts – meaning we took them down by $200. Which is a lot. ALL week, you have been ordering HEARTS. It makes me so happy. Please order them – they are a great deal and we want you to have extra love in this tough time…it’s pure delight on our end!

This week has been a challenge with glimmers of hope. I appreciate the security I have right now, but I am sitting at my desk unsure of how to move forward because I’m so sad for others who are not as secure, for our seniors citizens, our healthcare and essential workers. I’m dwelling on our graduating seniors and obsessing over their loss. My daughter just showed me videos of the seniors gathering in the high school parking lot – cars in a circle and 6 feet apart, they are sitting in their trunks talking and having a moment together. It makes me cry. And I’m getting myself so worked up about them going to college in the fall – will that get screwed up too? I just want to see where the end is so I can work towards the goal or a date, but it’s all so blurry.

I have to distract myself from the news and Easter was just that moment. I set a beautiful table and made all the fun things for brunch – bacon and sticky buns and bagels; a carbo-loading answer to Easter. Honestly, the kids were a little tired and conversation was slow (4 teenagers at brunch where we asked them to dress-up can be a recipe for disaster 😊), but it didn’t really matter. Things are not perfect. Things are not going to be perfect for a while. I want to have little moments, like setting the table and making their baskets, where I can escape into the activities I have always gravitated to gifts and 'pretty' moments that show my love. Who cares if they don’t get it: it still makes me feel better. Isn’t that funny how that works?

Of course, this year Mother’s Day is really important because of what is going on right now. A few years ago, my girls were with their Dad on the weekend of Mother’s Day (divorced parents every-other-weekend schedule). We didn’t do anything for Mother’s Day and they honestly, they just forgot. They were younger (like 10 and 12?) and my ex-husband didn’t care to remind them. And my current husband, Doug, didn’t think to say anything to them or help them get a card. It hurt my feelings to the core. Since then, I have made a real effort to get to my Mom for Mother’s Day. She is in CT and I’m in PA so it’s a drive, but I just said to myself “I am going to get to my mom so she never feels the way I did that Mother’s Day.” My girls have grown-up and don’t forget me on Mother’s Day anymore 😊 but…Whether you are separated from your Mom or if you are a Mom and you are TIRED from homeschooling and keeping the morale high for the entire family, I want you to be spoiled! Hence the special priced hearts and some new pieces launching next week.

The cool things that have happened this week? First and foremost our favorite band Little Big Town was on CBS singing and wore JW – Karen Fairchild wore her Zodiac coin and it just looked spectacular. They also played my favorite song which didn’t hurt. I jumped off the couch and ran around the room. Pure joy.

MAJOR NEWS: we have been sold out of our Protect coin since the beginning of the pandemic. There is a button to sign-up to be the first to know when it is back in stock. We are expecting some pieces to come in this week, so please sign-up to be notified. We want you to get the coins you want! This design will sell out quickly, but we will make more.

Also really cool? When the virus first quarantined us and many of my factories closed, I was FREAKING OUT. The second that happened I started sourcing new factories and as we are 4 weeks in, I am just seeing some of the work and from our new crop of production. GOOD NEWS FOR ALL. So just as the Protect coin is coming back in stock (still made in the USA!), we have new designs in work. I have been working with Rachel (you will meet her via a Q&A on our blog soon, she is our first full time employee!) on summer pieces and ... spoiler alert – we are launching bracelets. Woo hoo! JW is two years old and we have never had a bracelet on the line. We have new earrings. We have incredible charms meant to layer. There is a lot coming; a lot coming for a company that was initially crushed by the virus impact. This small business is making it through, and I can feel the pivoting and hard scrappy work paying off. OF COURSE not one bit of it would be happening without you. I think of it as a two-way-street: I keep making cool things, and throw in some fun price drops and gifts with purchase along the way. I give BACK whenever I can (this week we donated to the local Philly food bank Philabundance). You buy stuff and love it and tell your friends. Win win!

OK FRIENDS, this is it. Important weeks ahead. It may seem like a lot but we can do it. I want to keep my kids' morale up. We should all be planning to gift the heck out of Mom for Mother’s Day. Staying HOME and make it fun. Supporting friends, family and strangers…like our life depends on it. I’m MAKING the energy to not let it get me down and not get scared by the news because I know we can change this and make special moments along the way. Even if the kitchen gets wrecked and the wine is flowing 😊

Sending tons of love,

xx Jane


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