Elaborately embellished Indian style earrings ALWAYS LOOK FABULOUS!

Posted by Jane Paradis on

Lots of color. Lots of movement. Lots of style! 

For a few years my father lived in India when the weather was too depressing in New Hampshire. He studied gardens, did yoga - and bought me jewelry :). When I went to India in 2012 I shopped between every factory visit and came home with piles of earrings.

Some things to know about Indian costume jewelry:

If you are buying direct from India, sometimes the quality isn’t great...and that’s fine! It’s the extravagance in the design that does the heavy lifting, not the quality of the stone.

The earrings can be heavy - look for smaller styles to get the look without the pain.

The posts can be HUGE. Not only are they thick but they are also long. I cut most of mine down with wire cutters or replaced the back with a hypoallergenic post. Here are some links if you want to make earrings more comfortable:

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Jewelry kit

Sources for gorgeous Indian style earrings:

If you have time to comb through, blossomboxjewelry.com has many fabulous options.

Disclaimer: I have not ordered from all of the sites listed above so please watch shipping costs when ordering from overseas.

Tons of love & xx Janie


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