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Gracie! Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me today. I am thrilled to connect and share your story with the JW Girl Gang. I love your flowers and want to come visit your farm so. badly.

Gracie Poulson Grace Rose Farms

Give us a little background on you for our customers who may be unfamiliar. Where are you from and where did you get your start?

When my husband Ryan and I purchased our first home together in 2015, I decided to grow a rose garden in honor of my grandmother. We planted over 500 rose bushes and as they started blooming, I started sharing the unique varieties on social media. Requests started pouring in from floral designers, and we began shipping our garden roses locally and across the country. And Grace Rose Farm was born. Since then, we've been featured in Magnolia Journal, Martha Stewart Living, Country Living, and Victoria. We worked with Anthropologie in 2019 to fulfill more than 12,000 Mother's Day bouquets from our farm. We are currently working on a huge expansion and by 2023, we are slated to be largest grower of roses in the United States and second largest in the world. 

Gracie Poulson Grace Rose Farms

Okay CASUAL. That is really amazing, congratulations.

If I were not a jewelry designer, I would want to be a florist! I have an obsession with flowers and always say that I am going to be a florist in my next life. This love of flowers is the inspiration for so many of our pieces. Tell us about the inspiration and process that led you to start Grace Rose Farm.

Sometimes the best things in life unfold without a plan. We never intended to be rose farmers, but our passion and talent for gardening was undeniable. Grace Rose Farm came from their love of creating beauty, and the satisfaction of knowing how much joy could be translated through the act of growing and sharing flowers.

The first year was pure trial and error, and our lives and house transformed - the kitchen and living room became a processing, wrapping and boxing station, and a small shed was converted into a walk-in cooler. We quickly learned about watering and fertilizing schedules; pest management and prevention; cold storage and proper shipping techniques; weather patterns and most importantly, found a new “best friend” in Mother Nature. That first year was a beautiful and exhausting blur.

We get DMs and emails from our customers all the time asking, “How can I grow roses like you?” Growing garden roses has been my creative medium for the past decade, and now I have this incredible platform to share knowledge with my audience. I am reminded every day of what we realized that first year: that growing beautiful garden roses creates connections and brings joy into the world.

I love the Grace Rose Farm mission – “Spreading the joy of flowers with purpose”. What does that mission mean to you? So fitting that you have our Joy Coin

Flowers, especially garden roses, have away of naturally making people happy. For us, we are honored to help people celebrate so many of life’s special occasions from weddings to birthdays to smaller moments like “just because.” Flowers just make people smile and our fragrant roses take that to the next level. 

Your daughter is so so precious, I love seeing her on your feed – what are her favorite things right now? Is she a rose lover?! 

She loves balls, Play-Doh, crayons and coloring. Yes she loves roses so much and is happiest outdoors. If she is grumpy at all, we just take her outside to the roses or to kick her soccer ball and she’s immediately happy!

Gracie and Ryan Poulson Grace Rose Farms

I love that she loves roses - it is truly a family business! You and your partner Ryan own Grace Rose Farm together, what is it like owning a small (and growing!!!) business with your partner? 

We are very harmonious. Ryan is more relaxed and doesn’t get as uptight as I do about the business. I am more hands-on than he is, but his role is equally important. We divide and conquer and so far its been working really well! Basically he lets me do all the creative things like marketing and brand vision while he handles the nitty gritty of the day-to-day.

You are from the northeast but have settled in CA – honestly after this winter I might take your lead! We just launched a California coin as well. What other CA based brands should we have our eye on??

OSEA is my favorite California based brand. Their skin care is the best!

A few fun quickfire questions…

  • What is your favorite rose – can you even answer that or is it way too hard? Evelyn and Distant Drums
  • Favorite place to vacation? Hawaii
  • Beach or lake or mountain? Beach
  • What show are you binging right now? The Undoing, The Dropout, The Night Of

What do you never leave the house without? Clear lip gloss and sunglasses

Jane Win Free Coin Grace Rose Farms Roses

Thank you so much to Gracie for sharing 20% off their next GRF purchase - head to the Grace Rose Farm site here  to shop 😊

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