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Jane Win In Miami Spring Dream Closet

A quick update from me…life has been moving fast. New jewelry is coming out WEEKLY. Hello Blooming Joy Coin  back from last year anddd new Blooming Joy Pendant. We have so many new fun chains to help you add color to your layers. My favorite. It’s somehow MARCH. I had the most insane month of travel, and from that I learned – going someplace every weekend sounds fun when booking but in reality, I miss my routine, and the lack of center throws me off my game. I think that is pretty normal, but I lived out of a suitcase for 40 days, and if it weren’t for Mr. Jane Win keeping me even-keeled I think I would have – well, not ‘lost it’ but, you know – it would have been a bit of a spiral.

I love working. I love having a clean kitchen. I love feeling organized and knowing what’s next. I love being ‘around’ for the kids whenever they need me. As so many of you know – a day or 4 away can throw off the life balance. Am I alone here? Have you ever overbooked and needed time to recoup? That’s me right now. BUT…I’m planning for the next.

I am beginning to lose track in our covid whirlwind – when have we felt hope and when have we been devastated by another round of bad news? Hope last spring with vaccines? Devastated over Christmas when Omicron was literally coal in the stocking of life? A brief SECOND of joy as we felt masks coming off and then…Russia. When we look back on life before covid – were there as many ups and downs? Yes, but wow, they were less intense and less…global. While we share and feel so much happiness everyday here in our office, our hearts are truly with those who are suffering. It is very hard to balance.

As you know I love an inspirational quote 😊 and I read one recently that was basically saying, don’t wait for JOY. Create joy every day. Appreciate the good, have fun, take the risks and build a business or take the plunge and book the adventure. Plan the party. If we wait the time will just…go by. I think what I am coming to is that despite all of the ups and downs and unknowns – I would rather plan and dream – even if some of those things get cancelled. I don’t think that is me being an optimist. I think actually my optimism hurts me because I get my hopes up and MORE sad when things don’t work but…I’m planning. I am planning a giant graduation party for Tiki. Mr. Jane Win and I tore down our house in New Hampshire and we are rebuilding in time for Summer 2022. I just took a quick trip to Miami. I am planning a dinner party and trunk show for the COOLEST nyc dress brand (stay tuned for details and check out the Dream Closet for a sneak peak).

Mr. Jane Win and I take a long walk/run almost every day and we just talk…and he wants me to try and NOT get so excited about things coming up, to try and TEMPER MY ENTHUSIASM. And you know what. I can’t. So let the roller coaster continue…may your days be filled with more fun planning and events that HAPPEN vs the disappointments. As long as that scale stays tipped in the positive, we can wake up with a smile on our faces. The good news for you is that means we are planning sooooo much new jewelry.

In that spirit, I cleaned out my closet to make space for SPRING DRESSES. Check out the full dream closet below. The first date of Spring is a technicality, the feeling of Spring – being ready for sunnier days, flowers and spring breaks to someplace warm – that is happening right now. I am a dress girl. Literally I think about wearing pants and I just, can’t. When Sabrina and Tiki were kids (and they are now 20, 17!) I had to declare a ‘pants day’ because we wore so many dresses they didn’t know what pants were. So, no shade if you like pants I just can’t connect with you right now lol…this dream closet is focused. Dresses and layers of gold are our Spring 2022 look.

Jane Win Spring Dream Closet

A quick refresh on how we plan to layer this Spring?


For the shortest layer I am feeling a turquoise carved heart (or any of our carved heart stones for a bit of color!).⁠

The second layer is a classic Original coin on a drawn link chain, I have been wearing PEACE and FREE  on repeat, but our most popular are LOVE, FOREVER and PROTECT

The longest layer ends up being a bit of a charm catch-all. I love either the 24” venetian chain or the 32” chain with a Full heart, a small coin  or letter coin  AND a wishbone 😊

Sending tons of love,

xx Jane


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